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Friday, January 14, 2005 :::

Adequate is the new spectacular.

Witness the results of Bush's No Child Left Behind Act:


Inspirational indeed.

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I always had aspirations to acheive mediocrity. Now i know I'm not a lone soldier in the blanding of america.

By Blogger BigDubb, at 2:27 PM  

Quite the rallying cry...

By Blogger Will, at 3:36 PM  

I'm assuming that all the students can at least read at their grade level...and that's a good thing.

By Blogger Kiddo78, at 5:20 PM  

I would hate to hear their fight song...

*Hey, Hey we'd like to win
But if we don't
Oh well...we least we showed up...most of us...*

By Blogger lynne, at 5:30 PM  

$40 million can be easily raised for a few presidential parties, but if it's for the schools, forget it. I guess it's not a festival of democracy.

"The inauguration is a great festival of democracy," he said. "People are going to come from all over the country who are celebrating democracy and celebrating my victory, and I'm glad to celebrate with them."

Hell, for a $40 million party I'd celebrate with anyone.

By Blogger stapler, at 5:50 PM  

Hey, wasn't that Clinton's program, initially? Let's give credit where credit is due...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM  

No, you must be thinking of Clinton's involvement with the Improving America's Schools Act, which was mostly just interested in laying out future goals and benchmarks for education. Bush and his administration are proudly responsible for the No Child Left Behind Act, which restructured those goals into a penalization format and was signed into effect in 2002, and which aims to base the federal funding that individual public schools receive on unbalanced and unfair standardized testing requirements that in the best possible scenario do nothing but promote mediocrity.

In fact, he's so proud of it that it was part of his stump speech while campaigning.

By Blogger dan, at 1:07 AM  

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