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Friday, October 14, 2005 :::

Where Babies Come From

Welcome to the world, creepy German baby! Your oval-eyed pear-shaped parents have gross pubes and your doctor smiles like a pedophile! But it looks like your happy to be here anyway!

Where Babies Come From

I have no idea where this came from but I love it. If anybody knows who originally scanned this, please inform me because I'd like to give proper credit.

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Wow... I... Just... Wow...

I can't even think of anything funny to combat how weird that is. I mean, I came from an honest family. I knew about the mechanisms and functions of reproduction at six. From actual books.

That crap is just creepy. It'll screw up your kid more than that stork BS.

By Blogger John, at 9:18 PM  

I'm German and damn, if I'd seen that when I was a kid, I woulda never been able to look at either of my parents ever again. Not to mention think of ever having a baby. Urg.

But Germans are kind of wierd with the books and the cartoons for kids. Ever hear of Max und Moritz? I read all those stories when I was little. Holy crap, that'll scare the life out of anyone. I still get wierded out looking at it.

By Blogger Karla, at 7:24 AM  

Now my side hurts from laughing so hard.

Where can I order it?!

By Anonymous JL, at 12:22 PM  

I want that on my coffee table

By Blogger Adam, at 3:01 PM  

Well---you can call that open re sexuality- that would explain their low STD and teen prego rates-unlike ours.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:16 PM  

I used to go to German School on Tuesdays. At the Christmas Party each year, everyone would get a book in German. I never saw that one, but I still have my copy of Der Lowe Leopold.

btw - "You're" spells "you are." "Your" spells "your."

By Blogger alivicwil, at 5:43 PM  

this book looks like the German version of the one my parents owned... same pictures, different language. I remember that they never showed it to me, and were probably waiting for when I was old enough. But one day, when I was about 12 (definately old enought to learn about sex) my sister and I found this book and were fascinated. I recall the picture of the couple in bed snuggling was very attractive to me, probably because it did not reveal a lot and was just suggestive enough. I also remember laughing nervously over the pictures of the naked couple facing forward.
I haven't thought of this book for a long time, thanks for the memory Dan.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:30 PM  

planetdan...where do you come up with this stuff? I love it and pass it around to blogs. You have been on Americablog and that is where I send your links. this is HIlarious. thanks and keep it up!

By Blogger Yram, at 8:57 PM  


Im going to show this to my 13 year old brother!

By Anonymous Noemi, at 12:02 AM  

This is just what Britney and KFed should expect for not letting photographers in for the birth.

We were left to create the images on our own.

By Anonymous laura, at 8:50 PM  


By Anonymous duane, at 11:33 PM  

That has got to be the funniest "how-to" book I have ever seen. It should be called "Making Babies: For Dummies"

By Blogger stapler, at 11:08 AM  

why does the doctor have a reflex hammer in his hand while the baby is crowning, and then a stethoscope in the next picture?

i hope german doctors aren't indecisive like that in real life....

By Blogger locomocos, at 3:02 PM  

Oh my dear god. That's both creepy and hilarious.

I'm wondering about the hammer in the doctor's hand..? WTF!?

By Blogger Cara, at 4:27 PM  

kinda like how the doctor and the dad just can't keep their eye's off mom's crotch...hey guys, my face is up here!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:12 PM  

Hm. Why do they only show one technique here? One technique! Lack of imagination, i guess. Or maybe that is in the next book.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:15 AM  

My favorite part is how they go to the "klinic." Ferry Chermann.

By Blogger PeaceBang, at 2:12 PM  

Ugh... If either of my kids came out smiling and arms outstretched, I'd scream...and ask for more drugs.
Creepy shit.

By Blogger Monkey, at 10:21 PM  

That... Is... Freaking... Great!!!

By Blogger Daddy L, at 1:38 PM  

ok :),
this is actually a danish book from 1971 called: Sådan får man et barn. the one you have is a translation. the writer is per holm knudsen - his site is here
so growing up in the 70'es in denmark you did have books like these in the kindergarden - and hey we were not even that interested - goes to show...

By Anonymous k, at 2:21 PM  

oh and i have just read that he got the danish childrens book of the year price for this one in 1972 :) damn that makes me proud :)

By Anonymous k, at 2:27 PM  

Apparently pregnancy changes women's height dramatically. Or, perhaps it's the act of donating sperm changing the man's height.

More research is needed!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:30 AM  

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