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Sunday, May 24, 2009 :::

This post unfortunately lacks the requried sound effects.

The other day I got a mysterious phone call where nobody seemed to be on the other line. But when I listened closely I could hear the distinctive *ticka ticka ticka* of furiously typing fingers. I figured somebody must have accidentally called me via speed dial, but I didn't recognize the number. I started to scream "Hello?!??!?" into my phone in order to get the typer's attention, but all I ever got in response was that incessant *ticka ticka ticka* sound.

Rather than hang up, I went through my online address book to try to identify the mystery typer, who was apparently writing an epic tome and had yet to offer even the slightest pause. *ticka ticka ticka*

Finally, I discovered the culprit: it was my project manager from work. All that *ticka ticka ticka* suddenly made sense because that girl can type like the wind. Conveniently we are always connected via Instant Messenger, and she was clearly sitting at her computer, so I patiently waited for my moment.

Suddenly the *ticka ticka ticka* stopped and on the other end of the line I heard *ACHOO* followed immediately by more *ticka ticka ticka*. "Gesundheit," I quickly typed into Instant Messenger and hit send.

I could hear the familiar *bing* noise of her receiving the message on the other end and the *ticka ticka ticka* suddenly stopped cold. After a moment of silence I heard a tiny feminine giggle followed by more *ticka ticka ticka* and then the distinctive sound of her hitting the Enter button. My own computer *bing*ed as I received the return message of: "Ha. What?" She giggled again, and the *ticka ticka ticka* returned.

I immediately replied, "Don't laugh at me. I can hear you giggling." Send. *bing*

Again, the *ticka ticka ticka* stopped cold. Paused for a tad longer than what was comfortable, and then started up again, ending in a *bing* on my end which was accompanied by the message:

"You're freaking me out."

At that point I had to come clean and explain that she must have mistakenly called me and that I could hear everything she was doing. She laughed, fumbled around for her phone, and confessed that she felt lucky she wasn't doing something more embarrassing.

I felt the urge to deepen the charade and tell her that I'd been listening for hours and that I had heard MORE than enough, but I thought I should just let it go. You gotta know when to let the joke die.

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That's awesome!

I once switched keyboards links with a co-worker. They could type, but I saw it on my screen (they couldnt) and I could type back, took them close to an hour to figure out. And all they really needed to do was listen to the "ticka ticka" and seriously giggling coming from the cube on the other side to figure it out. This of course was before the advent of IM and the likes... back in the stone age of computing... sigh, I'm old.

By Blogger me, at 5:55 PM  

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