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Thursday, May 22, 2008 :::

Another Lesson Learned

Appointments for which you should NEVER be late:

1. Dentist Cleanings
I was 20 minutes late for the dentist once and the hygienist, who apparently had to delay her lunch break due to my tardiness, practically raped my gums with some unwaxed floss. It was entirely unpleasant.

2. City Court
Those bitches just have NO sense of humor whatsoever.

3. The Hairstylist
Today I was 15 minutes late to my haircut appointment, so the stylist took a slice of my ear as a penance:

I actually felt a slight poke when she cut me, but for some reason I was too embarrassed to say anything and I was uncharacteristically too manly to yelp, so it wasn't until the ear started to drip blood that she said something. "Oh, I think I may have cut you..." she said. "Oh really? I hadn't noticed..." I coolly replied, totally building up my street cred while secretly wondering how many other ears she had recently lopped off and if those scissors had been sterilized in the mean time. Then I apologized to her for causing the unfortunate incident by being late and making her rush, which is probably what quashed any chance I had of a free haircut.

So lesson learned: Always be on time, and that's one to grow on. Or alternatively: never apologize for being late if you lose a chunk of ear and want a free haircut.

Or maybe I should find a new place to get a haircut. This place looks interesting:

Just kidding, hairstylist (in case you're reading this).

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3 previous comments:

Your hair cut looks good, though.

By Blogger tcarole, at 11:39 AM  

perhaps she was going after another ear-rim hair.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:17 AM  

why are ppl late? always? i dont get it!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:34 AM  

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