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Thursday, August 09, 2007 :::

Planetdan = Sell Out

You might have noticed a recent addition to planetdan in the last couple months: ads. I initially subscribed to Google Adsense in a rather pathetic attempt to earn a fast buck. Turns out those bucks aren't earned so fast after all. But on the plus side, I have become obsessed with the ads and their placement. Apparently Google crawls the content of every page on my site and posts ads that it thinks are most relevent to the content, so my new past time is trying to figure out which ad corresponds with what content.

It's quite obvious where some of them are coming from, and yet the I'm still surprised by how deeper the Internet goes than I ever imagined:

PS. Not that I want to increase the frequency of squirrel message board ads on my site, but someone sent me this Drunken Squirrel Youtube video the other day that I think it quite worth checking out.

Anyway, some of the ad placements baffle me:

Some of them make me gag:

And sometimes the way Google places the ads makes me think it has a sense of humor of its own:

And just in case you were worried, they finally found that long lost Garlic Bread recipe of legend:

Phew, we can sleep soundly tonight.

So even though ads aren't as profitable as I thought they might be (or at all for that matter), I think I'll keep them around for the entertainment and enlightenment.

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That's so cool that Google loves you so much Dan and you've given them endless ad material. Thanks for the insider information too, perhaps we can help you 'connect the ads' from now on?

By Blogger Trudy, at 1:53 PM  

I don't think the bottom ad on your list can be topped "Pictures of Herpes"! ha ha

By Blogger sparkletangerine, at 12:14 PM  

I spotted a "Urinary Incontinence" ad just today.

By Blogger aj, at 8:18 AM  

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