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Tuesday, March 08, 2005 :::

I'm dumb again.

Guess I'm not so smart after all.

I can barely play this game before my brain starts to pop and lock:


It reminds me of a time when I almost reached Enlightenment while playing an old Sega Genesis game called Columns. For serious. It was kinda like Tetris, only with brightly colored falling Jewels that needed to be arranged into colored patterns. I was 15 years old, it was like 2am, and before I even realized it, I was way past any level I'd ever gotten to before, to the point where the game had literally run out of increasing difficulty levels; I had pushed the video game hardware to its limit. To anybody else, the falling Jewels would have been nothing but a blur, I'm sure of it, but I was strangely calm and in a crazy Zen-like state. The Jewels kept falling at jaw-dropping speeds, and I kept putting them where they needed to go, like an idiot savant counting toothpicks. This went on for like an hour. Nothing could stop me. I eventually had to submit and just turn off the machine and walk away because I knew there was no way it could beat me. For days later I would try to duplicate the experience, but I couldn't even remotely come close. I swear, it was truly miraculous. It was probably the only time in my entire life that I will ever come close to using my mind to transcend my physical limitations, and it was while playing lame video games when I was 15. Enlightenment remains elusive. Siddhartha needn't watch his back.

I'm on Vicodin.

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Dude, was it like you were in The Matrix?

Hey, I heard somewhere that you have mono? Get well soon.

By Blogger Flaming June, at 12:49 AM  

Dude, was it like you were in The Matrix?

Hey, I heard somewhere that you have mono? Get well soon.

By Blogger Flaming June, at 12:50 AM  

That was fun. In three tries:

1. 12
2. 24
3. 35

By Blogger Rob, at 10:28 AM  

That story made me laugh so hard...

It took me a little bit to get the hang of it but I got up to 57.
Now I'm totally addicted.

By Blogger lynne, at 10:47 AM  

Planetdan strikes again. I keep getting the following message:

The highscore list has been temporarily shut down due to heavy traffic.

We apologize and hope to soon implement some optimizations, which will allow the high score list to operate again.

However, do not despair, your scores are still being saved, and are safely stored in our database!

By Blogger Nick, at 10:58 AM  

I hope they fix the highscore list soon. I just hit 92 and I can only judge my self worth in comparison to others...

By Blogger lynne, at 10:29 PM  

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