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Monday, August 30, 2004 :::

Morbid for Monday Morning

Georgia. Go figure.

MARIETTA, Georgia (AP) -- A drunken driver hit a telephone pole support wire that decapitated his passenger, police said. He then drove 12 miles home and slept in his bloody clothes, police said, leaving the headless body in his truck.

A neighbor walking with his young daughter Sunday morning discovered Daniel Brohm's headless corpse in the truck in John Kemper Hutcherson's driveway and called authorities...

Officers said they found Hutcherson asleep inside his home, visibly drunk and his clothes bloody, and later found Brohm's severed head at the crash site.

The full article.

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OK, This is disgusting.

I can't imagine being so drunk that you didn't notice your friend didn't have a head anymore.

I think it is funny that the next morning he still was "visibly drunk." Just how much did he drink? Half the bar. See I told you a few gallons of beer is bad.

By Blogger Trekgeekscott, at 11:33 AM  

What's with the "Georgia" comment. You don't have drunk dumbasses in your neck of the woods? That being said... sheesh, what a dumbass. I have GOT to party with this guy but I am NOT riding with him.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM  

I saw an article this morning with an update on this story: the victim's family spoke on his behalf to lower his bail and get him out of jail.

While that is totally uninteresting, the interesting part of the article was the name of the DA in the case.


Pat Head

NOBODY in the DA's office thought it might be in poor taste to assign Mr. Pat Head to a decapitation case?

I am so torn for wanting to laugh hysterically and thinking nothing about this story should be funny.

Except Pat Head.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:25 PM  

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