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Thursday, June 24, 2004 :::

Politically Sheltered

I must be politically or sociologically sheltered, because I am so completely surrounded by people who fervently share my hatred of Bush that I'd be shocked if he got even a single vote come November. But the front page of the paper today says that the race is currently neck and neck in the polls. So where are all the crazy pro-Bush freaks hiding? Texas? Certainly not in South Minneapolis.

I like people who agree with me. As a favor to the Onion AV Club, comedian Patton Oswolt has come up with a list of 16 things he'd be willing to vote for instead of Bush. It's vulgar and crass and awesome.

Read it here.

My favorites:
Contagious, airborne cancer
Italian food tastes the way it does at The Olive Garden from now on
Orgasms can only be reached while listening to "Meet Virginia" by Train

I hate that Train song so much.
Oh, and these posters for Air America are pretty funny, even though I've never actually listened to that channel.

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I took care of a guy last night who had early onset Alzheimer's (he was only 50). The only thing he can remember right off the bat is how much he hates Clinton.

Hmmm. The only people I know of who have Alzheimer's are Republicans. Maybe there is some research that must be done.

By Blogger lynn, at 8:29 PM  

I don't know, that whole blinking and crapping your pants thing was kinda good too. I'd vote for that before I'd vote for the B word. Gads were in for a hell of another 4 years either way you look at it.

Really! Where are all those B word supporters anyway?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:43 PM  

Yep, they're all hiding in Texas, all those Bush-supporters. I think it's because a lot of people from Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma and Arkansas move here for the oil industry jobs, and they are mostly ignorant of the fact that he's faking his accent (he's from Connecticut), and want to just support someone from Texas in the hope of gaining Texas credibility and style. Poseurs. That or the heat-fumes are so overwhelming most people are too brain-dead to realize who they're voting for, and just go alphabetically.

By Blogger Roxanne Bananafanabobana, at 1:48 PM  

I wish you would stick with what you know, like stupid web bloggs. Because students don't know shit about politics. Like most Democrats, they either are Black, work for the State or Federal Government, or are students at some stupid liberal school.
Us crazy pro-Bush supporters are not hidding, we are working our ass off at our jobs to support the lazy fucks that suck my tax dollars off to some "feel good" social program.
I bet you live back east, stupid fucker.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 AM  

I live in minneapolis, like the post states. And I'm not a student. I've been out of college for nearly a decade. But I'm wasting my time pointing out your ignorance because you do it so well yourself with your racism and your lame "blame the high taxes on the democrats" attitude, which is always the mark of the under-informed.

By Blogger dan, at 4:41 PM  

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