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Thursday, June 17, 2004 :::

His name was Prince. And he was funky.

Tonight I attended the Prince concert, and I have to say that even though we broke up quite a few years back, he does put on a good show. The first half was great, the accoustic set in the middle was mesmerizing, and the last half with the drawn-out Led Zepplin cover and the boring dancing girls was a little long, but all in all it was a good show. I was a little disappointed that his single encore consisted of only one song, and that to see the rest of the show you had to pay an extra $50 and drive to Chanhassen or wherever the hell Paisley Park is, but oh well.

My one souvenir: a single piece of confetti that floated my way and landed on the lady's head in front of me. I skillfully plucked it out of her teased-up hairdo without her even noticing. Swear to god, as Skrause is my witness. Here it is, for the unbelievers:

I was also a little angry that the free Musicology CD (supposedly included in the price of the ticket) didn't include the original packaging, and that those free giveaways are somehow counted as sales on the Billboard charts, keeping him artificially high on the charts throughout the course of his entire concert tour. Seems like cheating to me, but after the Crystal Ball fiasco I should expect nothing different. That's another story altogether, though.

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More reasons prince is a jerk, from the Star Tribune:

WENDY MELVOIN (Wendy of Purple Rain's Wendy and Lisa): We tried to put together a Revolution reunion tour in 2000, and he declined because of my homosexuality and the fact I'm half-Jewish. It came back: Go have a press conference denouncing your homosexuality and that you're converting to Jehovah. I was like: I guess we'll never hear from him again. And I had to kind of mourn him. It was devastating to think we've kind of lost him.

ROBYNE ROBINSON: I showed up [at Glam Slam] after closing my art gallery one night and was just bone-tired, and he was in the mood to talk about Jehovah. That's just what he wanted to talk about that day. He said, 'Have you heard the truth?' I said, 'I'm so tired. Dude, not now.'

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