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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 :::

Where monkey's brains are not often to be found...

Guess where I was all weekend?

I took tons of pictures of all the monuments and museums that one is supposed to take pictures of, but for some reason this one is my favorite because it makes me laugh like a 12 year old every time:

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Friday, April 25, 2008 :::

Thre Return of Animated Friday (Full Circle Edition)!

The very first animated GIF I ever posted on planetdan depicted a girl falling down on a treadmill, so I'm proud that six years later I can return full circle to that old chestnut with a brand new extreme version of an old classic:

Girl Falls on Treadmill v2.0

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A different perspective...

Normally I hate political cartoons, but this one was quite intriguing:

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So even though I haven't received it yet (and I'm not even sure if I qualify, as a matter of fact), I have already spent my economic stimulus rebate five times over, so I guess that lame government tactic totally worked on a chump like me.

My main purchase was an $850 VIP ticket to Lollapalooza, which I will be attending with my good buddy Dr. Erik. We're gonna bust all up in that place like we own the joint and drink all the cheap wine and watery beer that we can before stumbling out sweaty and drunk into the writhing masses to mix with the little folk, because we truly are men of the people.

The lineup is pretty incredible this year. I'm super excited to see Radiohead (one of my new New Years Resolutions, actually - check!), Nine Inch Nails, The Raconteurs, Wilco, and dozens more. That's right, I like the hard stuff...

...except I'm so dainty that I had to spend an extra $600 on the VIP ticket so that I could have access to air conditioned toilets and a less dirt-ridden environment. Oh well. I'm still hardcore on the inside, though.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008 :::

Circus Pants

I saw this online the other day and laughed out loud.

Poor girl didn't know she was going to be running for president someday... otherwise I'm sure she would have rethought that outfit. I'll try not to let it make me question her judgement, and I rest happy knowing that she probably has someone to dress her these days.

I can't judge really, though, because if I ever run for president (of a place other than planetdan, obviously, where I am already ruler supreme), I'm sure some rather awkward pictures of me will surface. I'm thinking in particular of mullet shots, which I have yet to be brave enough to post on here. I should really just get it all out in the open, but I like to pretend like that year of my life never happened.

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I didn't mean to be gone for so long. I was working OT trying to get a few dozen work projects under control. I guess my real life kinda overshadowed my preferred internet identity for a while, but look out because I'm coming back full force, like the super hero I am.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 :::

Sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.

Am I wrong or did I just see Ricky from Better Off Dead in the audience on American Idol tonight?

I'm not making a bad joke, I really do think that is the same actor...

Here's a recent, absurd video of him from more recent times to aid in the comparison. Prove me wrong!

And, yes, I watch American Idol. That David Archuleta is going to take it all, I tell you!

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Monday, April 14, 2008 :::

Post No Bills

Graffiti artists are getting more clever every day, and I must say I much prefer the use of easily removable stickers as opposed to common ol' spray paint:

I love it that people take the time to do shit like this. And I very much agree with the no Saget sentiment.

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Friday, April 11, 2008 :::

Animated Friday (Rainy Day Edition)!

It's been raining here for a couple days, but I don't let nuthin' get me down! Still, I thought this Animated GIF would be the most appropriate to post:

A Puddle Jumper's Lament

Unrelated bonus GIF: Mad Skillz.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008 :::

Smart Alek

I Tivo Jeopardy! every day because it makes me feel smart. I watch it during lunch on fast forward, which makes me feel even smarter. The other day I was catching up on previously recorded episodes when Alex Trebek walked out on stage sporting a crazy moustache that looked as if it has been drawn on with a magic marker:

Even stranger, the moustache disappeared halfway through the show. Nobody ever acknowledged the scribbly facial hair or its disappearance, so I was feeling very Twighlight-Zoney until I realized I was watching an episode that had originally aired on April 1st. I guess he got me, but I'm still confused about why they never mentioned it or referenced it after the show. Maybe they just decided the gag wasn't worth it.

On a related note: one reason why I know I am not smart enough to ever be on Jeopardy! is that I once bet my friend J-Balls $100 that it was "Alek" Trebek instead of "Alex" Trebek. I'm not normally a betting man, and I dunno what came over me but I was absolutely certain of my accuracy. Of course, I was easily proved incorrect, and I eventually paid her off in drinks, but to this day I am unsure of how I ever got the impression he was an Alek. Maybe I was thinking Smart Alek, but I doubt my own brain was even smart enough to make that leap.

Also on a related note, did you know that Alex has a dirty, filthy mouth even when it isn't covered in Crayola?

Do you kiss your mother with that, Alek? Also, remember Internet Rule #34 that states that SOMEONE is turned on by this.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 :::


These have all probably been featured on the Tonight Show at some point, but I re-present them in this format so that you can appreciate their humor without having to endure the humor blackhole that is Jay Leno:

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Friday, April 04, 2008 :::

Animated Friday (Kick 'Em While They're Down Edition)!

Dang, dog, that's cold!

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Cuteness Quiz

I'm sick of seeing that hairy-eared guy every time I pull up my site, so here is a page-pushing blog post to save the day AND our eyes:

Which of these baby animals is the cutest?

A. Elephant:

B. Hippo:

C. Rhino:

There is a clear loser here. In fact, I hear this noise every time I look at that baby rhino pic. Man, is that thing ugly. It's so ugly its mama doesn't even love it. There's very few baby animals that aren't cute by default, but that thing looks like the mutant baby in Eraserhead. Barf.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008 :::

A Hairy Situation

The other day I was at a dinner party when I noticed people's gazes kept drifting off toward my left ear. I'd be chatting innocently with another guest with proper eye contact when suddenly something near the side of my head would catch their attention and the distraction would cause the conversation to temporarily falter. I started to get nervous. Was there something on my face? Cheeto dust, perhaps? Did I miss a spot shaving? Trying to hide my panic, I looked around the unfamiliar room for a mirror but the walls were barren.

I was nervous, but I carried on the evening with false confidence. Eventually I was talking to a friendlier face when I saw his eyes drift to the side of my head like so many before him, so I asked, "What? What are you looking at?" and he replied, "You have a hair on your ear, let me get it for you." But instead of brushing a loose hair away from my face, I felt a slight tug. There was a short yet awkward silence before he said "Oh... it's attached."

I was mortified, but he proceeded to pluck it loose from the top of my ear and hand it to me. I was surprised to see that it was blond and practically an inch long. I couldn't imagine how I ever missed it in the mirror for the month and a half it must have taken to grow, but then again the top of my ear is not a place I generally would expect to be in need of a trim, so I'm sure I hadn't given it much attention. I sheepishly said "...thanks," and tried to continue on with the previous conversation, but it was clear the damage was done. To him, and probably the rest of the guests in attendance, I would forever be the guy with the inch-long ear hair.

I guess now that I'm 33 I have to keep an eye out for errant hairs and other embarrassments. At least I'm not this guy, who - according to Guinness - holds the world record for longest ear hair:

Oh great, now you're probably picturing this:

That's not nice of you. Not nice at all.

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"Your Mom!" is the new "That's what she said."

This one goes out to my friend J-Balls, who lately answers every question asked of her with an enthusiastic "Your mom!" Sometimes it doesn't even make sense in the context, but often times it can unexpectedly produce a real zinger.

I've seen a lot of anti-mom stuff on the intarwebs lately. What gives?

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