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Monday, February 27, 2006 :::

Million to one shot, doc. Million to one.

Genetics are neato.

Black and white twins!


That poor mom is never going to live down the inevitable infidelity jokes. Plus, it's going to be a really awkward social experiment if one of them becomes more popular in school than the other one. But still, isn't that cool? This is where someone more sentimental than me would break into a chorus of John Lennon's Imagine, or if you're really tacky, Blessid Union of Souls I Believe. But I just like the science of it. Plus those babies are super cute.

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Dont stop are getting too sappy.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 PM  

I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I would rather read that Bill the Cat dude going on about Uncle Ray than see another FREAKING LAME post from this anon asshole.

We get it. You are bitter, lonely, obviously obsessed with everything Dan (but who isn't?) and can't control the fantasies you have about him and you and a dark room with alcohol. I think at this point you can take it that as charming as you are, he's not interested, okay?

So why don't you go beat your dead horse (pun intended) somewhere else.

By Anonymous mskaz, at 12:10 AM  

Speaking as a twin, I think I have the authority to say that those are a couple of cute twins.

By Anonymous Darcy's Twin, at 2:43 AM  

I agree with mskaz. Your aggressive homophobic posts make me sick. I would ask you to stop this.

By Anonymous Georg, at 8:20 AM  

I love this part of the article:

"There are some similarities between them," said their mother. "They both love apples and grapes, and their favourite television programme is Teletubbies.

Oh, you DON'T SAY?! I can't think of another one-year-old who likes both apples AND Teletubbies, can you?! Hehehe...

Damn cute babies, though!

By Blogger AmyD, at 10:53 AM  

My brothers are twins, one black, one white & have fared quite well, except for the occassional racist a-holes along the way. They are now 24 years old.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:57 PM  

i'm not a lover of the babies, but day-um, thems cute

By Blogger Honey Bunny, at 11:09 PM  

I don't know, maybe the dude should call Maury, just in case:

Although they are very adorable. People always think I am my children's nanny. I bet that poor lady is going to get the same thing with her white baby.

By Blogger stsundown, at 10:08 AM  

OMG, one of the twins is named Kian, and I totally thought it said her name was Klan.

Oh that's just too funny.

By Blogger Bewareoftheblog, at 1:54 PM  

-Erik (not the Anonymous guy everyone hates)

Not to put a damper on the cute baby thread, BUT

Has anyone else noticed that the parents are 17 and 19? Isn't the girl technically guilty of statatory rape? I know the story is from England, but they have similar statutes as the US. I just thought was a uique quirk to the quirky human interest story.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:55 PM  

Uncle Ray loves you too mskaz!

By Anonymous billthecatlives, at 6:24 PM  

Has anyone else noticed that the parents are 17 and 19? Isn't the girl technically guilty of statatory rape?

The age of consent is 16 in the UK.

- also not the anonymous everyone hates

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 AM  

Yeah, but she found out she was pregnant in 2004, making them 15 and 17 at the time...

By Anonymous Kristen, at 12:44 AM  

Weird. The bonde one looks like she could be a bit younger than her sister though- anyone notice that? They trying to scam us?
(not the anonymous asshole suffering from the OCD with Dan and booze)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 AM  

mskaz- that's so funny that you posted that because I was just thinking the same thing like a week ago about the "annonying anon poster that everyone hates" and Bill the Cat dude.

By Blogger Colleen, at 5:45 PM  

Nifty article. I just sent the link to everyone in my twins club!

By Blogger Twinmama, at 10:47 PM  

I love how these underage, unwed teen parents speak using words such as "whilst." Horray for the British!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:24 PM  

Not a million to one. Happens a lot, just the twin part is unusual. Wish I could send you a pic of my family-- the combos are wild, on both sides.

My father had straight black hair and pale brown skin, my mother had tight curly blonde hair, green eyes, and ruddy skin. I have strawberry blonde hair (that darkened over the years to nearly black, then silver), blue eyes, and pale bronze skin that darkens in the sun. Passing it on: Two of my daughers have black hair, one wavy, one curly, the other has wavy dark auburn Big Hair. All have skin the color of aged ivory, but one burns and the other two darken. One of my daughters has a slender, blond, blue-eyed, crystal-skinned child, and another child, chunky build, with curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and skin the color of light toast. Yes, they have the same father. So did mine.

Yep, genetics is fun.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:36 PM  

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