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Saturday, February 25, 2006 :::

Brand Spankin' New Music

I hadn't posted any new music in my Juke Box since the end of 2005. So I finally put some new music in there, including a fresh Prince song, which surprisingly isn't half bad (but still doesn't even come close to touching anything from his 1987 heyday), and the best Radiohead Remix/Remake I've ever heard: Mark Ronson's Edit of Just.

If you're so inclined, look over to the right and listen to me turn this bitch out.

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I heard that Prince song on the way home tonight. I wasn't overly impressed.

'Course, I'd just been given a speeding ticket (the cops happened to be standing with a radar gun in the 2km stretch where I was distracted by a phonecall, and let my foot settle too heavily on the accelerator), so I wasn't overly impressed with anything at that point in time.

I might have to listen to it again

By Blogger alivicwil, at 5:13 AM  

I love that you have Joanna Newsome in there...a friend of mine just loaned me her CD. She's got a totally unique sound...kind of like Bjork meets a bawdy Irish barmaid meets a ten-year-old harpist child prodigy.

By Anonymous Josie, at 10:00 AM  

holy crap. that version of just rocks. thanks for making me aware of it's awesome goodness.

By Blogger Honey Bunny, at 11:17 AM  

YAR! Dan loving the choons! Thanks for sharing.

By Anonymous liveitup, at 8:30 AM  

wow. i had never heard "Amazing Sounds of Orgy" and I thought i was a Radiohead fan. Thanks for that one!!!

By Blogger Bewareoftheblog, at 5:52 PM  


I'm suprised you haven't uploaded your favorite drinking song. Everyone at AA know it.

How dry I am
How wet I'll be
If I don't find
A place to pee

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 PM  


Did you hear that Josh Rouse is going to be in town on April 15? Awesome!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 AM  

Dan, do you have the new Destroyer? Seems like something you would like, quirky and verbose. I've been trying to find a copy, but certain things are hard to find in this town.

By Blogger callmekidd, at 8:54 AM  

I'm checking out the new Destroyer right now. Very interesting. And I've been waiting for those Josh Rouse tickets to go on sale forever. Thanks for the tips and reminders guys!

By Blogger dan, at 3:30 PM  

No - the ´artist formerly known as his old yet new name symbol man´ isn´t working for me, but generally i like your taste of music. I really liked your Xmas Juke Box you had for the holidays, por ejemplo. You could have a little more of the NIN (like in that other juke box of yours) and other harder stuff if you really wanted to please my tastebuds, but that would be my blog juke box then, i guess.

By Anonymous Richard, at 7:53 AM  

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