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Thursday, December 17, 2009 :::

A Pre-New Years Resolution

I know I am not a nice person because I can observe other people acting much more mature and making kind, empathetic decisions that I would never make in a similar situation. For example:

We had our holiday work dinner party last night. Apparently I got a little overzealous during the dessert course and unbeknownst to me I had somehow managed to smear chocolate sauce across my forehead. When my friend and coworker Cherry Nut noticed this, she discreetly leaned forward, pointed at her own forehead, said "You have some chocolate right here," and went on with her own table discussion as if nothing had happened.

By comparison, had I been in the same situation and noticed some chocolate smeared across her forehead, I probably would have snickered, nudged the person next to me and gotten them to notice. Then I would've regained my composure for long enough to ask her to pose for a picture as if nothing were the matter. Then I would have posted it online the second I had the chance and laughed even harder as I imagined her getting home that evening and going to the mirror to wash her face before bed and realizing...

I'd like to think I wouldn't act like this, but one case in point against me would be the time my good friend C-Minus and I were eating spaghetti at an Italian restaurant, and she somehow got a piece of meatball and some sauce to stick right in the middle of her neck without noticing. I let her walk around like that all night, not because I was afraid to embarrass her by pointing it out, but because it was funnier to leave it there.

I'm not going to be like that anymore, though. I'm going to turn over a new leaf and live my life by the Golden Rule: Tell Someone When They've Got A Meatball On Their Neck Just Like You'd Like Someone To Tell You If You've Got Chocolate Sauce on Your Forehead.

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2 firemen put out a fire in a small woods. One's face is covered in soot and the other's is completely clean.
On their way out of the wood, they pass a brook. Only one of the firemen washes his face. Which one?

Cheers and good 2010

By Anonymous General Pepper, at 7:42 AM  

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