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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 :::


Any good mental health professional will tell you that the healthy thing to do on birthdays and anniversaries is to stop and reflect, to take stock in yourself, and to get rid of any baggage so that you can make a clean start. So on this day, only one day before my blog's birthday and my 1,500th post, I'm cleaning out the files, scrubbing out the hard drive, and posting a ton of random crap that's been mucking up my system for far too long. It's a lot of stuff that I never had time to post, some more stuff that I didn't have the ambition to comment on, and some even more stuff that I just didn't feel made the cut.

It's PURGING time, and it feels so good.

TITLE: Parenting 101 - Make Toys Out of Everyday Objects!
From the ceaselessly shiver-inducing People of Walmart website.

TITLE: The Birth of Emoticons
Oh no, this one is copyrighted. Hope I don't get busted. Although we all know that Abraham Lincoln really invented the emoticon.

TITLE: Thread Head
I love installations like these. I want to build one of my own face for my office.

TITLE: Maybe Next Month, Champ
Also available in T-Shirt format.

TITLE: No Time For Love, Dr. Jones
If I were famous like Harrison Ford, I would constantly leak absurd images to the interwebs, each one more WTF than the next.

TITLE: Mother Was Right
I imagine this scenario every single time I ride an escalator, but I envision a lot more blood and severed limbs. And Crocs.

TITLE: Precision Poop Bomb
Never take a well-trained dog out of their comfort zone.

TITLE: Guess Who
Not sure why, but this might be my favoritest celebrity school picture ever.

TITLE: The Power of Penguins
The internets is edumacational. Too see it is to believe it!

No comment.

TITLE: She Said Yes, But I Said No!
Just picturing his face is more than enough to inspire a lifetime of abstinence. Yeesh.

TITLE: Traffic Jam
Some people like to talk about how smart their dogs are, because it can fetch a ball or obey a command or jump a fence, but sometimes it's the innocent stupidity of dogs that really makes them so awesome. I mean that in a good way.

TITLE: Twinsies
One of their parents has clearly got ALL of the dominant genes.

TITLE: Warning Sign
Titled as found.

It's nice to finally get all of that out of my system.

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6 previous comments:

for some reason, finding this blog made my night. i havent laughed like this in ages. maybe i should get out more. or maybe i get this. G'night.

By Blogger PastramiPants, at 12:43 AM  

Happy Blogaversary!!!!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:35 AM  

You are premature, it's not until TOMORROW. Now you have to say it twice.

By Blogger dan, at 9:03 AM  

Dan, I'm not getting the Detroit Tigers card funny. Help.

By Anonymous Noelle, at 10:06 AM  

Noelle, say the player's name out loud.

By Anonymous BJ, at 4:53 PM  

Seacrest was (and still is) a DORK!

I have that Rusty Kuntz baseball card!

Love the dogs.

The Spock thing is AWESOME.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  

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