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Monday, August 03, 2009 :::

You can't go home again.

This weekend C-Minus and I attended the anniversary/triumphant-return of the St. Al's Fun Fair.

The Fun Fair was a yearly church festival that we anticipated for months in advance. We would save up our allowance all summer long, just to have a little extra spending cash for the Duck Pond. Relatives would come from all over the cities to get drunk on 3.2 beer and party like you can only party on church grounds. Apparently the partying got too hard quite a few years back because they cancelled the thing before C-Minus or I were ever even able to experience it while intoxicated.

It was also where The Miller Five got their big break.

Little danny, pictured as part of the St. Al's Class of '89.

Something is different these days, though. Even with the help of bad tap beer, I couldn't curb my own sense of disappointment. There was no cotton candy, no shelves full of cheap stuffed-animal prizes, no carnival rides or creepy carnies, no dunk tank, no Miller Five, no drunken debauchery. But to be realistic, I suppose I've changed more than the Fun Fair itself, and my memories of the past are probably enhanced through rose-colored glasses, but still... it sucks to grow up. Even with beer.

But C-Minus and I can have a good time anywhere, so this was no exception. We had a blast, indeed, and leave it to us to turn something sweet into something perverse... such as this clown, who seems to be demonstrating the proper technique for self-detecting testicular cancer.

Of course, his disposition changed after he saw he had a female audience:

Oh man, I'm going to hell for that one. :(

Catholics sure know how to party when permitted, though. You can bet I'll be in attendance next year. And maybe C-Minus will wear something extra special for Mr. Floppy.

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You just can't go home again Daniel. Hey, what the hell ever happened to T-Bone? We never see him anymore.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

i believe the clown will be going to hell. not you.

humorous self-deprecating bloggers have a special place in heaven. you have a spot next to nofo.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 AM  

Dan! Thanks for all the great embarrassing gym stories. I thought I would share mine with you:

By Anonymous Katie, at 12:45 PM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 AM  

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