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Thursday, May 05, 2005 :::

Johnny 5 is alive. Please let it die.

Every time I think that fan art and fan fiction have reached their nadir, I am proven wrong. Even though I may be a wee bit obsessed with a certain TV show on the WB, I've never actually felt the need to sketch out my favorite characters in suitable-for-framing poses. But apparently there are legions of Short Circuit fans out there who have no shame in that department:

Of course, there are more.

At least we can be thankful it's not a perverse fixation, like all of those naked hobbit sites. I actually saw Transformer and Go-Bot porn today that was too dirty for me to post.

Even worse, some people wish that Full House never ended, and have taken it upon themselves to write two full seasons worth of new scripts, just to keep the dream alive.

There is a time to let things die. In the case of Full House, it was in the development stage.

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Damn, people are just weird. Weird!! They are probably the same ones who drive slow in the fast lane and other annoying things. Losers.

By Blogger Kiddo78, at 8:30 PM  

That naked hobbit link is hysterical. I especially cracked up that there's one called "Second Breakfast." Of Frodo, you naughty naughty hobbit.

By Blogger Biglug, at 9:28 PM  

I can lurk no more. The hobbit site has forced me to break my silence.

By Blogger comment dit-on, at 11:19 PM  

J2K-five is alive.

By Blogger comment dit-on, at 11:50 PM  

This is quite a bit worse than us buying Jaye Davidson headshots and praying for that foil crow card huh.

By Blogger Stacy, at 7:40 AM  

UMMM, I think someone deserves a little credit here for the nekkid Hobbit link? It is after all, my cousin. Seriously. I'm not joking. It may be weird, but you can't deny she knows how to draw a fairly sexy hobbit.

PS My extended family FREAKED when they saw these at a family reunion. It was awesome. I love how weird she is.

By Blogger brent, at 11:57 AM  

That must take the pressure off at the family reunion. When they ask what your job or plans for the future are or when you are going to get married, have kids, etc, just point at the naked hobbit drawer.

Was I projecting? I think I was.

By Blogger Christine, at 1:27 PM  

Actually, she is probably the person I would rather hang out with at any family function. Perhaps for quick reference when conversations go awry or perhaps its cause she has a wicked, crazy sense of humour.

By Blogger brent, at 1:52 PM  

I didn't say you wouldn't hang out with her! She obviously would have the best sense of humor compared to all those inquisitive relations.

By Blogger Christine, at 8:33 PM  

O desenhista fanático por baixo é tarado pelo Elijah e desenha mau. Talvez se ele desenhasse melhor merecia algum crétito.

By Blogger pripri1005, at 1:16 AM  

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