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Monday, April 04, 2005 :::

Har Mar

First Avenue is a famous club in Minneapolis. You may know it from Purple Rain, where Prince rawked with the Revolution. It's also where Har Mar Superstar performed his energetic routine with Ben Lee and a sorry crowd of smokeless sad sacks last night. Not that I'm unhappy the smoking ban in Minneapolis went into effect last week, but the crowd at the Har Mar concert was considerably less rowdy than usual.

He was surely a crowd-pleaser, though. "I'm going to play three songs, then I'm going to leave and come back and play two more, cuz that's how I roll," he flat out stated. I must say that I was a bit disappointed that Har Mar's entire band consisted of just a drummer and a bass player. If there ever was a live act that screamed for over-the-top dancers, back-up singers, and maybe a few more actual instruments, it's Har Mar. But he did his thing, at one point removing his Elvis coat and peeling off his wife-beater until he was nothing but a shirtless, tight-pantsed Ron Jeremy Junior. And he belted out his infectious tunes with the confidence that a chunky balding near-midget would never normally have, so I gotta give him considerable praise. Shirtless and sweaty on stage for a good hour, he woulda done Prince proud. I even got a signed poster for five measley bucks, and T-bone literally bought a concert T-shirt off of a roadie's back, pit stains and all. So all in all it was an interesting evening. I just wish that they wouldn't schedule concerts on Sundays. Who wants to get crazy on a Sunday night? Not me. But then I'm 30 years old.

This is yet another bad camera phone pic showing you last night's concert:

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You have a great name for your site ;) I enjoyed your previous post about your recurring nightmares (not that I enjoy the fact that someone besides me is having nightmares). I have nightmares about my teeth falling out too, or they're rotting so bad that the dentist says he has to pull them. I'm a student dental hygienist, which makes all this even stranger.

By Blogger Maria, at 2:05 PM  

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