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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 :::

Oo-La-La Loompa

I decided I wanted to be an Oompa Loompa for Halloween because I've always been mildly obsessed with Willy Wonka and if I'm going to be forced to dress up this year, then I better make it count. Plus I'm short, so it seems appropriate. I've got everything I need for the costume except for the damned hairdo. It's virtually impossible to find a suitable green wig with the requisite flips and curls. Help a brother out if you know where to find one.

While researching the costume, I found this image. I don't remember the scene where the lesbian Oompa Loompas make out. It must be on the director's cut:

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After the many hours I've spent on this site laughing my ass off, I felt compelled to help look for a wig as some small form of repayment. Being so close to the holiday I think your best bet would be to do what this woman did:

"I made my one-year-old daughter an 'oompa loompa' costume from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory...For the wig, I bought a long blond child's wig and cut it short. I curled it around my finger and actually glued that too (you couldn't even tell). Then I painted it green with a tinge of black, using colored hair spray."

This one also seemed to come close:

I'd recommend a blond flip wig, some hair spray (the cheaper, the better -- they have the most hold -- like Aquanet or some other equally horrible hairspray that you would never use on your own head) or spray glue, and some green spray paint. And if you felt even more industrious, a velcro roller or some cardboard fashioned into a tube to hold the hair in place while you let the hairspray set to form the curls. Hope this is helpful and good luck on the costume. =)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:49 AM  

Do you know anyone who can knit? might be ok in green.

By Blogger pd, at 12:23 PM  

Last Halloween I found myself at a mildly lame party. The best part of it was most certainly watching an incredibly realistic Oompa Loompa make out with an equally plausible Tiger-Attack-Victim, Roy.
Good luck with the wig.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:46 PM  

Last Halloween I found myself at a mildly lame party. The best part of it was most certainly watching an incredibly realistic Oompa Loompa make out with an equally plausible Tiger-Attack-Victim, Roy. Those Oompa Loompas know how to have a good time........

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:49 PM  

I've never understood why the Oompa Loompas are so well liked, but maybe that's because I didn't watch Willy Wonka until adulthood. I think its an awesome custome idea. But for some reason I don't see Dan in a corner making out with anyone. In general, I would have to say seeing any Oompa Loompa doing anything remotely sexual to be extremely distressing.

By Blogger hot babe, at 5:30 PM  

Cool idea. For some you'll be an cute loveable character from childhood, for others (like me) you'll be creepy as hell since those damn Oompa Loompa always scared the crap out of me...good dualism.

By the way, are you looking forward to the new Charlie and the Choc. Factory movie or are you worried they're srewing with perfection?

By Blogger lynne, at 5:54 PM  

Who could ever dread Johnny Depp?

By Blogger hot babe, at 6:34 PM  

You may not be able to get them from Wilshire on time. I have some extra Shlumpa wigs still in the box unopened from them. I could overnight them to you. Let me know. Oompaout.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:36 PM  

I am excited to see the new movie, even though I think Tim Burton has made some disappointing movies lately, but I have high hopes anyway. I'm a fan of the book as well, so any new interpretation is intriguing. And actually, I've never really liked oompa loompas. They are subversive evil little creatures, but that's why they make good Halloween costumes.

I wish I would've asked about the wig earlier. Now it's too late and I don't want to waste any more money on this costume by overnighting wigs across the country. But thanks anyway.

By Blogger dan, at 10:55 PM  

I was always scared of them. They're extremely disturbing.

I need to use your readers for a Halloween idea too. Am dressing in a Roman type costume that looks like what a Roman noble-type person would wear -- it's basically like a white "tunic" with short skirt and has a silk cape attached (bless my sewing mother) to one shoulder. Then a gold rope for the waist. All I have for shoes is leather flip-flops from American Eagle...will those suffice?? Any other ideas?

By Blogger Kiddo78, at 9:57 AM  

Ok, so is everyone doing something fun for Halloween except me? I don't get to dress up because I'm going to a wedding Sat- and the bride is not allow costumes (understandably so). And I have no time to come up with a costume to wear while sitting home Sunday nigth. Geez, I guess everyone has a more fun life than I do. This is depressing. Where's that pumpkin malt?

By Blogger hot babe, at 10:27 AM  

I think flip flops will work just dandy for a roman outfit. My oompa loompa outfit consists of white Dickies painters pants, a brown turtleneck with white painted stripes from Kohl's, and some striped halloween socks turned inside out. Makeshift is good.

By Blogger dan, at 10:57 AM  

Thanks - I guess sandals are appropriate Roman gear. Hotbabe, I don't even have official plans for Sunday yet, but am thinking I'll go to the ' should go! Dress as a boy and say you're a drag king!!

By Blogger Kiddo78, at 1:00 PM  

I *should* go to the 90s Sunday night. But you need a fabulous costume to go to the 90s. I could always pull out my Cinderella costume from a couple years ago. Its not fabulous enough, I'm sure. But it'd pass. I could look for a Greek god to hang with!

By Blogger hot babe, at 1:29 PM  

Be sure not to forget the thick, WHITE eyebrows. And spray glue is fine to use for the wig but beware, some of those DO NOT really dry--they stay tacky (such as 3M's Super 77) and then you can end up with crap stuck in your hair. And that would be bad...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:51 PM  

hope this finds you...
ever heard of burning man?
check out

I am obsessed with getting a group of Oompa Loompa's together to run across the barren playa at BM2007.

The original, orange face, white brows, green haired ones. The recent version SUCKS!

Found your blog researching costume ideas. The more continuity of costume throughout the group the better. You should join us....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:10 PM  

hey. Check out web site
$16.00. can't beat it!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 PM  

I to want to be one for halloween. So I was looking and came across this site

They sale the wig its a brighter green then the one in the movie but it had all the curls and flips. They call it; Oompa chocolate
Factory Worker
Loompa Wig

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:15 PM  

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