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Friday, December 13, 2002 :::

So it wasn't just a really creepy dream...
While watching CNN Headline news a couple days ago, I witnessed the phenomenon known as Tony, the Dancing Traffic Cop. I tried to explain it to my friends, knowing they would be unable to fully appreciate it without actually seeing it for themselves. A mere description can do it no justice, but I'll try my best. Tony is a traffic cop out east. He entertains passersby with his sexually charged hip gyrations and rhythmic body jerks. Best of all, he does it all to the beat of his own chirping cop whistle. It's like a gay disco only without any sense of irony.

I tried my hardest to find video evidence of this online, but I only found this one solitary, albeit completely illuminating, picture. I did however find out that there appears to be more than one 'dancing cop' in the nation, although Tony is the one I witnessed on CNN, and he also has the best moves, hands down.

Turns out he's also got his own web site, which has a couple additional pictures, but sadly... no video. The hunt will continue.

It reminds me of the Naked Cowboy phenomenon in New York City, only it was infinitely more disturbing. Naked Cowboy seemed to make sense. Dancing Cop defies all logic.

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