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Friday, June 29, 2007 :::

Animated Friday! : All Kitty Porn, All The Time.

Channel One : Solo Action

Channel Two : Threeways

Channel Three : Inter-Species Fetishes

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 :::

The Missing Piece

I saw this brilliantly tragic image in an online forum the other day:

Awwwww! :(

I apologize that I don't know the source of the image or its creator, but it made me realize what an apt metaphor the missing puzzle piece can be. Even if you simplify the concept, it can be quite effective. So I made my own missing-puzzle-piece gallery:

That last one was too obvious wasn't it? Damn, why do I always have to go for the cheap and easy!? Shame on me!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007 :::

Insert Wii/Penis Joke Here

This weekend I finally had a Wii party:

More fun than the games was watching people's Wii faces:

More fun than watching people's Wii faces was making their lookalike Miis. And more fun than making their lookalike Miis was finding these links to celebrity lookalike Miis:

The Kottke Mii Lookalike Contest
The Office Miis on Flickr
Celebrity Miis by Video Game Nerds

I think these are my favorite:

Everybody ached the morning after. From video games. So I guess I'm in no position to be calling someone else a video game nerd.

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Bikini Kickball

I didn't play kickball in a bikini this weekend, but one of my teammates did.

Apparently it was a "distraction tactic".

I participated in my own way:

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Friday, June 22, 2007 :::

Animated Friday!

It's a tiny one, but you'll still feel the impact:

That's ballsy!

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I can't remember where this is from, and it's just tad judgemental, but I like it:

It reminds me of this, which I always thought was funny.

For Erik, who needs everything to be animated:

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 :::

Mr. Tough Guy

A kind acquaintance named Noelle sent me this lovely article because she knew that it would interest/scare-the-shit-out-of me due to my past experiences with squirrels (reference #1, #2, #3, etc.). But rather than scare me, it even more so impressed me, because damn if that squirrel wasn't the neighborhood bad ass:

BERLIN (Reuters) - An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch. The squirrel first ran into a house in the southern town of Passau, leapt from behind on a 70-year-old woman, and sank its teeth into her hand, a local police spokesman said Thursday. With the squirrel still hanging from her hand, the woman ran onto the street in panic, where she managed to shake it off.

The animal then entered a building site and jumped on a construction worker, injuring him on the hand and arm, before he managed to fight it off with a measuring pole. "After that, the squirrel went into the 72-year-old man's garden and massively attacked him on the arms, hand and thigh," the spokesman said. "Then he killed it with his crutch." The spokesman said experts thought the attack may have been linked to the mating season or because the squirrel was ill.

To help you visualize what I'm sure must have been a grizzly scene, this is what I picture the squirrel to look like in the midst of his bloody rampage:

Look at him, so confident and full of determination, only to be done in by an old man's crutch. It's almost ironic, or poetic, or TERRIFYING ENOUGH FOR ME TO WET MYSELF.

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Monday, June 18, 2007 :::

Just try not to wince.

One reason why I have no desire to run a half marathon: nipple chafing.

My companions and I made simultaneous wincing noises as this poor guy jogged by. I felt so bad for the fella. Not bad enough to keep my camera's lens cap on, but that doesn't mean my nipples don't throb in sympathy every time I look at the picture.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007 :::

Pringle Trivia

I went to Duluth this weekend to watch Cherry Nut and J-Balls destroy their bodies by running a half marathon, and then I destroyed my own body by drinking too much bowling alley tap beer.

Almost as exciting as the half-marathon was the Pringle Trivia. Apparently, Pingles have discovered a new use for Blue-Dye #40 and they have begun to use it to print movie trivia questions on some of their chips. The only problem is that the answer is printed on the same side of the chip as the question, so you can't really play it alone. Plus, sometimes you eat the chip too fast to remember to read it. Plus, Pringles don't always taste so good, and I ended up force feeding them to myself in order to keep the game going. Still, I was overjoyed to have discovered them on the gas station shelf.

Anyway, here is a photo gallery of some of my other Duluth trip highlights.

And congratulations to J-Balls and Cherry Nut!

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Friday, June 15, 2007 :::

Animated Friday!

I don't shut up, I grow up, and when I look at you I throw up.

And here's a bonus GIF that I have to post due to it being related to a current event. Apparently, some dood flipped of Putin, and the guy behind him was none to happy about it:

The Evil-Eyed Commie

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 :::

You people are so gross.

From a recent online poll:

You people who pee in the shower are disgusting. And don't give me that "urine is sterile" bullshit. Healthy urine is sterile. And don't try the "all the pipes go to the same place" excuse either, because most people don't walk around barefoot in those pipes. Plus, most showers are located in fairly close proximity to a toilet, so walking two steps before evacuating your bladder shouldn't be too difficult. There's just no good excuse for it, so stop it this instant.

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Triple feature or fetish porno? You decide.

Awesomely photographed by this guy on flickr.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 :::


I always wonder how randomizers work, because they never seem all that random. Take word verification systems for instance. They must have some sort of algorithm that combines random letters and then spits the result through a filter so that you don't get any actual words that could be found in a dictionary, or even worse, eff words or salacious entendres or something. Of course, it's clearly never a fool proof system:


The above example is not mine, but I did get "fishycoc" on blogger once, which I thought was particularly disturbing.

I also wonder how my iPod shuffles songs, because I've read that it truly is random and that any pattern you hear in the playlist is just a coincidence, but I don't buy it. I bet it's more like shuffling a properly sorted deck of cards: you might succeed in mixing some of the suits together, but all of the hearts are still going to be closer to one side of the deck, and in the same sequential order. That hardly seems "random" at all. I know it's not 100% random when it plays six of the most awful Jethro Tull Christmas songs in the course of one hour. I really just need to delete that CD from my collection all together.

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Friday, June 08, 2007 :::

Animated Friday!

I'm scoring so hard in your face right now.

Bonus gif:

O, to be in the first grade again.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007 :::


To illustrate the importance of proper kerning:

Of course, this is nothing new.

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Monday, June 04, 2007 :::

Girls are a blessing.

Here is an actual conversation I heard yesterday while waiting in line to exchange a chair at Office Max, spoken with utter sincerity and complete seriousness, as if they were having a casual conversation about the performance of their favorite sports team or something:

Cashier: Is that your daughter?
Gangster: Yes, one of two.
Cashier: Two daughters! You got any boys?
Gangster: They were supposed to be boys.
Cashier: Say what?
Gangster: They had dicks on the ultrasound, but they came out with cootchies.

[prolonged silence]

Cashier: Girls are a blessing.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007 :::

Season 7

Greasy Cooter Kickball has started its spring season. I've only made it to one game so far due to previously scheduled obligations, but it seems like the same old Cooters, meaning: cheap beer and awkward nudity.

There are more pictures, but it's just mostly people kicking balls and stuff.

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Friday, June 01, 2007 :::

Animated Fridays!

I don't exactly know why I think this is the funniest thing ever, but I do.

I can almost imagine the accompanying dramatic soundtrack that would so perfectly punctuate the camera zoom.

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