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Friday, December 30, 2005 :::

100 Things You Don't Know

BBC's 100 things we didn't know this time last year is more like 100 things BRITISH people didn't know this time last year, but still, it's got a lot of cool stuff in it:

8. Devout Orthodox Jews are three times as likely to jaywalk as other people, according to an Israeli survey reported in the New Scientist. The researchers say it's possibly because religious people have less fear of death.

Apparently their god doesn't hate rude people. They probably cross diagonally, too, just to prolong the annoyance.

10. Humans can be born suffering from a rare condition known as "sirenomelia" or "mermaid syndrome", in which the legs are fused together to resemble the tail of a fish.


17. Bosses at Madame Tussauds spent 10,000 separating the models of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when they separated. It was the first time the museum had two people's waxworks joined together.

I liked this one because I have a weird obsession with wax museums. I wonder if they had to melt them apart. And I wonder exactly where they were attached. Ahem.

20. The Queen has never been on a computer, she told Bill Gates as she awarded him an honorary knighthood.

That's too bad because it's fun to imagine the Queen sitting up all prim and proper at a computer, with one of those gelatin wrist-rests for comfort, updating her MySpace page or buying some Five for Fighting songs on iTunes.

41. Tactically, the best Monopoly properties to buy are the orange ones: Vine Street, Marlborough Street and Bow Street.

What kind of messed up Monopoly do they play over in England?

73. One in six children think that broccoli is a baby tree.

Awwwwww! Barf. Did they steal that one from a Family Circus cartoon?

Read 'em all and be smarter than the average British dolt.

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8 previous comments:

first of all... do we really need to learn what color in monopoly are the best to own? second, ye sthey have a different monopoly, same rules different places... some kid in england would not care to own boardwalk... he probably couldn't tell you what or where it is.

I'm sorry was that rude? My whole family is British, i get a little defensive

By Anonymous sarah, at 5:55 PM  

The worst case secret was that Dad is a flaming, drunken, fag.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:56 PM  

So Hostile Anonymous Poster, how was it exactly that your mother punished you when she caught you jerking off to the mens underware section of her Sears catolog??? Hmm??

By Anonymous Nobody Wants you Here, at 8:14 PM  

Dear Nobody Wants you Here, go smell your mother's underwear you pervert.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 PM  

Hmm, interesting is that 1 in 18 people have a 3rd nipple.

Very Freudian that anonymous said that the worst case secret was that *DAD* is a flaming, drunken fag. Now we understand his anger. Anon, did Daddy touch your third nipple when you were a boy?

By Blogger Michelle, at 4:39 PM  

"36. The average employee spends 14 working days a year on personal e-mails, phone calls and web browsing..."
Ha! They must be better employees over on the other side of the pond. I spend 14 days a month on planetdan alone! :)

By Anonymous Jasmine, at 2:00 PM  

the worst part of this post? the doctor who is smiling at the mermaid baby, cuz he's thinking "dayum - look what i get to scrub in on today! SCORE!"

bastard doctor.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:36 PM  

Course we have a different monopoly in england. You can get one for most large cities. The main one's based on london (obviously), and sarah's right - what/where the fuck is boardwalk? It's all about getting the stations, baby.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:26 PM  

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