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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 :::

Barbie Supports the Troops
I like this lawyer's sense of logic, and his sense of humor, from Wired magazine:

A New York teenager is suing teachers who suspended her from school for wearing a "Barbie Is a Lesbian" T-shirt. Natalie Young, 14, who is an out lesbian, said a teacher laughed at her and the principal refused to allow her to return to class wearing the T-shirt. Young was suspended and told she'd be sent home if she wore the T-shirt again. On a prior day, teachers made Young remove rainbow-colored beads from her hair, her lawyer said. "Schools cannot legally engage in this type of selective, content-based suppression of speech," lawyer Dan Perez said. "If she had worn a 'Barbie Supports the Troops in the War in Iraq' T-shirt, she would have been called a patriot."

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Saturday, June 21, 2003 :::

I went to Europe.
Munich, Salzburg, and Amsterdam. See the pics.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 :::

I heart Parker Posey
Did you know that Parker Posey couldn't stop laughing while she was auditioning for the role Sandra Bullock ended up playing in "Speed?" This is what she said:

I didn't know what to do besides laugh. Like -- for real, you want me to pretend to be driving a bus? I mean, really. We're all grownups here; we're not 12 years old.

I just like the idea of Parker Posey in a casting call trying to keep a straight face while extending her arms wide, holding onto air, pretending to steer a city bus.

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They better not try to start a Dan TV network.
TNN is changing its name to Spike TV, which has pissed off Spike Lee, who apparently thinks that everyone on the planet associates him with that common english word. So now he's suing TNN, saying they cannot use his name to brand their network. But this is the funny part (from Wired):

Lee, whose given name is Shelton Jackson Lee, included in court papers affidavits from people including former Sen. Bill Bradley, and actors Ossie Davis and Ed Norton. The affidavits said the signers had thought of Lee when they heard about Spike TV and some said they believed he had become affiliated with the network.

So where was Mr. Ed Norton when Ron Howard made the movie Ed TV? Having first heard of that movie, I just naturally assumed it was either about or associated with Ed Norton. I'm also assuming that Spike Lee is also unhappy with railroad spikes, alcohol in fruit punch, or that vampire from Buffy. TNN has said that their proposed name change is out of the desire to draw in more male viewers. If that truly is their goal, then perhaps they should've tried Michael Bay TV, or Adam Sandler TV, or Latest-Overrated-Sports-Celebrity TV instead.

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Someone out there must have voted for him.
For anyone who didn't already know my opinion of Bush, he's an over-privleged corporate shill of sub-par intelligence who somehow convinces himself that he has Divine Providence for his morally questionable acts that ultimately result in the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer. So now that we got that out of the way, here is a little example of how Bush-administration politics work in the new millennium (from

How about the unprecedented leasing deal between the Pentagon and Boeing, using the same kind of accounting sleight of hand popularized by Enron. Instead of the Pentagon buying the 100 new jets it wants to use as aerial refueling tankers directly from Boeing, at an upfront cost of $138 million per plane, a special-purpose entity created on Wall Street will purchase the planes and lease them to the Air Force. That way the Pentagon gets to acquire the planes without having to dip into the Air Force's limited procurement budget and Boeing could reap billions in military contracts without having to show the debt associated with the shady deal on its balance sheet. It's an off-the-books win-win deal for them, but a losing proposition for taxpayers, who'll end up forking over an additional $8 billion to cover the interest payments on the leases.

This, of course, goes right along with the recent Bush tax cut that passed only after eliminating the child tax credit that would benefit poor families, while at the same time sustaining all beneficial cuts to the upper class. Nicely done, jackass. Now even if this benefits the economy in the long run, should that really justify the immorality of shafting the poor to benefit the rich? But that just scratches the surface. So all of you Toby Keiths out there who stand steadfast behind the president as he uses September 11th as an excuse for anything and everything should probably dig a little deeper.

* dan steps off his soapbox *

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Monday, June 02, 2003 :::

Good Stuff.
Dan's always a few steps behind the latest internet fads, like that "I Kiss You" guy, and this Star Wars Kid video has apparently circled the globe for days now, but it's too funny not to post, just on the small chance someone hasn't seen it yet, even if it's made up.

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Local Celebs at Malecki's Birfday!
While celebrating at Santorini's, we bumped into a table-load of channel 11 on-air personalities. I was a little tipsy and cannot remember who did what or was married to whom or was moving where to be on ESPN or something, but I do know that one was supposedly Kim Insley or something? Anyway, let's just say Dan hob-knobbed with the upper crust.

See pics:
Local Celebs 1
Local Celebs 2
Kimmy Insley?

Speaking of local celebs, lets not forget that Brent was recently shafted out of $50 by the Twin Cities beloved Robyne Robinson, so if you see her on the street, be sure to give B-dub a hollar.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003 :::

You've Broken the Law
Don't believe everything you read online, but did you know it's illegal to drive a red car down Lake Street? At least that's what this Dumb Laws web site says.

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