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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 :::

They better not try to start a Dan TV network.
TNN is changing its name to Spike TV, which has pissed off Spike Lee, who apparently thinks that everyone on the planet associates him with that common english word. So now he's suing TNN, saying they cannot use his name to brand their network. But this is the funny part (from Wired):

Lee, whose given name is Shelton Jackson Lee, included in court papers affidavits from people including former Sen. Bill Bradley, and actors Ossie Davis and Ed Norton. The affidavits said the signers had thought of Lee when they heard about Spike TV and some said they believed he had become affiliated with the network.

So where was Mr. Ed Norton when Ron Howard made the movie Ed TV? Having first heard of that movie, I just naturally assumed it was either about or associated with Ed Norton. I'm also assuming that Spike Lee is also unhappy with railroad spikes, alcohol in fruit punch, or that vampire from Buffy. TNN has said that their proposed name change is out of the desire to draw in more male viewers. If that truly is their goal, then perhaps they should've tried Michael Bay TV, or Adam Sandler TV, or Latest-Overrated-Sports-Celebrity TV instead.

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