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Friday, February 20, 2009 :::

Animated Friday (Not-So-Sexy Edition)!

That's what you get for thinking you're sexy...

...on the catwalk.

...on the stripper pole.

...on the dancefloor.

Bonus Friday WTF Addendum:
When I first heard that a shark got out of its tank and jumped into the waterslide at Atlantis' famous Leap of Faith waterslide, I thought it was a bad Jaws-3D joke or something. I mean, you'd think that the park designers would have had more precautions than a foot-high wall separating a shark tank and a swimming pool for humans. But apparently not, which means my worst nightmares were closer to reality than I could have ever thought possible. And apparently there are even pictures just to ensure that my ensuing nightmares are all the more vivid:

[see all the pics at TMZ]

Which all makes me imagine what kind of dialogue must have taken place for such a nightmarish situation to even be possible:

Architect: "I'm envisioning a waterslide that goes down, under, and through a shark tank filled with deadly man-eating reef sharks... wouldn't that be thrilling?"

Moron at the Helm: "Ohmygod we are so doing that."

Architect: "All I have to do to make this dream a reality is devise a way for a waterslide to go under a shark tank but somehow keep them totally separate so that those sharks won't get any of their chocolate in our peanut butter. This is where my skills as an architect will truly shine. I'm thinking a one-foot high divider wall between the shark tank and the waterslide itself should probably do the trick."

Moron at the Helm: "Wait, can sharks jump?"

Architect: "Do they have knees?"

Moron at the Helm: "No."

Architect: "Then they can't jump. Problem solved."

Moron at the Helm: "You had me at 'waterslide through a shark tank'..."

Of course, nobody was in the pool at the time, and the shark died shortly thereafter due to the chlorine, but I'm sure it would have survived more than long enough to take a big ravenous chunk out of some one's thick upper thigh, or to leave a yellow, bloodied inflatable pool-float in its wake. Alex? ALEX?

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4 previous comments:

This post cracked my shit up!

By Anonymous sarah, at 2:47 PM  

In clip #3, the guy dancing in the bkgd is funnier than the idiots in front.

By Blogger chip, at 6:56 AM  

LOL! In #1 the dude just keeps walking! She must have been a biatch for him to not care!

By Blogger me, at 8:21 PM  

That poor shark! I know it could eat me and everything, but it didn't deserve to die because human beings are idiots. I just feel so awful that it had to die a horrible chlorine-poisoning death...

By Blogger Debbye, at 2:35 AM  

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