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Friday, December 14, 2007 :::

Proud Papa & Funcle Dan

T-bone's brand new baby is pretty derned cute.

Proud Papa:

Funcle Dan:

"Funcle" sounds like I'm trying to make myself sound like a "fun" uncle or something lame like that, but really I meant it to be short for "faux-uncle", since I'm technically not really an uncle or a blood relative of any kind, which I suppose is still kind of a lame meaning, but screw you for being so judgmental.

Regardless, I will be a the best funcle lil' baby MJ ever had.

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I'm so glad you posted baby pictures! I've been watching for them since you mentioned the baby.

She could not be any cuter or sweeter. Congratulations T-Bone and happy birthday MJ!

By Blogger Christine, at 4:41 PM  

if you were such a great "funcle" maybe you could have bought her a shirt...

she is super cute!

By Blogger Stacy, at 4:49 PM  

Very sweet baby. I can knit baby booties. Email me and I will make some for her.

By Blogger Nina, at 6:18 PM  

She's T-bone's baby. Do you really expect her to be wearing a shirt?

Walking home in her diaper, now that's more like it.

By Blogger PrincessMax, at 7:07 PM  

Are you kidding me? That baby is adorable! And I hate babies!

By Blogger Bob, at 2:22 AM  

that is the cutest baby --- look at how she is so comfy with you

By Blogger Distributorcap, at 4:58 AM  

Where's Mom??

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:47 AM  

What a tiny cute baby! You should try for Muncle Dan - for Mock Uncle. Funkle could be funky uncle, or funny uncle, or god-forbid fat uncle if the kids are mean.

By Blogger Biglug, at 7:37 AM  

Am I the only one who didn't know T-Bone was pregnant? I didn't even notice in the Bachelorette pics!

By Anonymous fatdogbelly, at 2:13 AM  

In answer to the comment below: He left the mom while she was pregnant for some ugly asian chick. Guess he more of an asshole than people realize...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:17 PM  

For the record, they weren't even dating when she got pregnant, and he didn't leave her for an asian chick. He originally left her because she was impossible to get along with. He started dating the asian chick much later. And she ain't ugly.

Popular theory is that she got pregnant on purpose to trick him into getting back together, but we don't want to go around spreading baseless rumors now, do we?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:54 PM  

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