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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 :::

Have Yourself a Sexy Halloween!

Apparently the ladies are getting tired of the same old Sexy Cop, Sexy Nurse, and Sexy Stewardess costumes of yesteryear, because I came across this perplexing option on the Internet today:

Sexy Freddy Krueger? I'm not sure I fully understand the trend, but I thought I'd get a jump on next year anyway and create a few more options for the ladies to choose from, seeing as how sexy never seems to go out of style:

Enjoy, ladies!

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13 previous comments:

sexy elephant man is my favorite.

I want to be sexy burlap sack man from freaks...

sexy waterhead wheelchair person from the hills have eyes.

By Blogger Stacy, at 11:22 PM  

you are so unbelievably brilliant.

By Blogger Karyn, at 7:26 AM  

Sexy Friday the 13th ROCKS!!!!!

Thank you Dan!

Happy Halloween!

By Blogger CampBlood, at 8:04 AM  

Oh Dan. You brilliant biatch.

Would a world without photoshop even be worth living in?

By Blogger Kevdogg, at 8:26 AM  


(that's all i got...)

By Anonymous sarah, at 10:36 AM  

Why do woman have to dress SEXY on Halloween? You forgot to include Sexy Mutilated by a Razorblade Street Whore. I hear that one is flying off the shelves! Maybe I'm just jealous because I don't have the legs for these costumes....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:06 AM  

It's gettign pretty late in the day...where is the animated GIF??

I like the Elephant Man the best too! Sexy as all get out!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:55 PM  

i'm glad i'm not the only one waiting with trembling anticipation.

By Blogger whaat?, at 3:28 PM  

Oh, dear. I think my penis -- my SEXY penis -- just crawled up inside my abdomen a bit.

By Blogger Jake, at 4:01 PM  

Brian/Latoya also bears an uncanny resemblence to Jimmy Page.

By Anonymous Jeff, at 4:06 PM  

sexy osama made me pee in my pants. Dan, you are the master!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:38 AM  

Sexy Coffin odd juxtaposition of sex and death.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:50 PM  

wow. I am most impressed with sexy elephant man.

By Blogger Biglug, at 7:28 PM  

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