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Saturday, September 24, 2005 :::


A storm blew some trees onto my parents' house this week. This isn't the first time the house has barely survived a wind storm. You'd think they lived in a trailer park or something. Last time it happened was ten or so years ago when I was still living at home. The following day the local news were driving up and down the street filming the destruction and they caught me in my underwear staring out the window. My mom saw me on Channel 5 Eyewitness News that night.

This time the tree hit their house though, so we spent Saturday cutting it down:

Another tree destroyed my mom's "Peace Garden", but she didn't appreciate the irony in that when I pointed it out to her:

I helped haul branches all day.

Uncle Ray was absolutely no help at all:

I kid, I kid. I don't even have an Uncle Ray. I just found that image during a google search for "topiary fetishes". Just kidding again.

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Sorry to hear about your folk's house. Hope the roof didn't leak in. You and your uncle Ray look a lot alike:-)

By Anonymous billthecatlives, at 9:35 PM  

I'm sorry about your parents house AND your Uncle Ray.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 AM  

wow! that looks like what happened to my mom's house when a tor-nader whipped by during my first year in college. only the tree was bigger and it smashed right through her sun room.

i grew up in NY, btw, but they still have tor-naders up in them parts.

ps) where'd you get the pic of my uncle ray?

By Blogger Honey Bunny, at 9:19 AM  

Sorry to hear about the tree damage, but that last picture is so can almost see the straining bulge in those tight red shorts.

Not that I was looking for it or anything.

By Blogger Elle Marie, at 12:01 PM  

uncle ray has rubbed one of the giraffes legs raw! his ardor has the power to defoliate.

hope everyone in your family is well!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:48 PM  

Oh no - I "grew up" (well, to a point) in NY, too. But I missed out on the tornaders. In Queens, our tees always landed on our cars. While mom stormed around babbling something about acts of god.

I wonder if that's my uncle? My mom & her siblings always spoke in hushed tones about a mysterious brother Raymond. Hmmmm. . .

By Blogger KarbonKountyMoos, at 6:16 PM  


Uncle Ray, really put everything into perspective for us didn't he.

Wish you could've stayed longer Dan. You missed the tree fallin' after par-tay.

By Blogger Colleen, at 6:20 PM  

sorry about the damage, but oh god your blog is brilliant. absolutely hilarious. thanks so much, and you have fabulous taste in music, btw.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 PM  

Sorry about the house.

Is that Dan in his underwear I see in the window next to Uncle Ray?

By Anonymous Gina, at 4:17 PM  


Your Uncle Ray looks awfully like "Homer Simpson"

By Anonymous Ivan, at 10:56 PM  

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