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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 :::

Order of Succession

According to, I am currently 1,070th in line for succession of the position of presidency of the United States. Should the 1,070 people listed before me perish, guess who's gonna rule the school, bitches:

I've even got an official looking seal to prove it. Apparently I can increase in rank based on my popularity. I won't hold my breath.

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You have been promoted! You are now #1069

By Blogger buba69, at 10:41 PM  

Now #1068

...won't be long now

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15 AM  

Only #1060+ huh? I guess you don't have a brother in Florida.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 AM  

1,049 baby

By Anonymous brosk, at 6:27 AM  

God, the things your readers will do to stroke your ego!


What Tomfoolery!

By Blogger Erik, at 6:50 AM  

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but now less than 1000 people have to die.

By Blogger Kevdogg, at 7:29 AM  

Yay! 980!

By Anonymous Kelly, at 7:34 AM  

hey what are hot crust buns? i'm familiar with hot cross buns. is this one of those regional things?
oh #975. Yay!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:09 AM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:33 AM  


By Blogger Mark, at 10:01 AM  

You better get him into the top 20, otherwise that's a lot of "disappearances" he'll have to work on.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:26 AM  

Well, if I'm gonna be president I better get to work... there's on;y 1,162 people I need to get rid of. (oh and a country to invade... seeing as I'm not even american)
So Dan, where abouts do you live?

By Anonymous Moira, at 10:39 AM  

Erik, I don't think it's so much stroking his ego, so much as it's attempting to save him some time hunting down and killing all those in his way.

By Anonymous Joe, at 10:45 AM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 PM  

My first action as president will be to buy all of you a coke. Or a diet coke. Whichever you prefer, cuz I'm all about protecting your right to choose.

By Blogger dan, at 12:54 PM  

#782! Now, here is an idea: if everyone moves him up five spaces, thats five less bodies on our hands!

By Blogger emalea, at 1:25 PM  

Jason Mraz linked you in his online journal today.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:30 PM  

Ewwwwwwwwwww...Jason Mraz. Isn't he one of those pseudo-musicians that only plays one "hit" song on all the most popular teen dramas as a "special guest" in the background of the Peach Pit...until one day, he ends up on an episode of I Love The 2000's?

PS I wouldn't rule out becoming president because something like that totally happened when Mary McDonnell became president on Battlestar Galactica when a whole bunch of cylons erased the delegates transport ship. How is she going to lead a rag-tag, misfit armada of 900 humans to Earth when she is just a teacher?!!!!

By Blogger brent, at 2:48 PM  

Hot damn, I'm 423rd!

By Blogger dan, at 4:30 PM  


This is more fun than Everquest!

By Anonymous Eudora, at 4:43 PM  

I got you to #319. I expect to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. Sucker punch Cheney when you get to #2. Go Dan!

By Anonymous Dave, at 8:16 PM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 PM  

Dan's the Man!

By Anonymous billthecatlives, at 9:28 PM  

19! 19! 19! That's as high as you can go!!!!!

I totally rule. Well, I guess you guys rule because I had little to do with it.


By Blogger dan, at 9:56 PM  

You are a silly, silly man.

By Blogger Erik, at 6:44 AM  

What's going on? How did you end up over 100th again? Are there people out there who actually dare move you down? Are there people out there moving up those dumb "classified" candidates? What's this world coming to? Will this post have any sentences?

By Blogger Kevdogg, at 10:01 AM  

Okay, this is totally off topic (and really, I'm not some creepy weirdo.), but I was on your site last night, checking out any new stuff, and it must have got stuck in my head because you (Dan) were totally in my dream last night. (so was k-mac, which is even weirder because I'm not even totally sure what she looks like.) Anyway, you were being a big jerk (I dunno why) and I was super pissed off when I woke up and I had to keep telling myself it was just a dream. (actually everyone in my dream was being a big jerk...)
And on another bizarre note, the entire dream took place in the West Edmonton Mall (which I've never been to.)
Alright, back to the order of succession.

By Anonymous Jen, at 3:50 PM  

That turns out to be not so off-topic since some dan-hater is obviously demoting me on the Order of Succession list. Oh well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

By Blogger dan, at 4:06 PM  

Dan, you will always be number 19 in our hearts!

By Anonymous billthecatlives, at 4:19 PM  

Honest, I wasn't the one taking away your glorious #19. I'm a big fan of the site! Which add to my confusion at "dream Dan" (that sounded worse than I wanted) being a big jerk.

By Anonymous Jen, at 4:24 PM  

As of 8:07, 7.26. 05 you are again #19. Congrats, I got your back.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:08 PM  

yay whoever you are!

By Blogger dan, at 10:16 PM  

Well I tried to keep you at numero uno, but that cat dolt kept knocking you out. I did manage to get you back up to #1 temporarily.

By Blogger Colleen, at 10:49 PM  

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