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Monday, March 01, 2004 :::

A Balancing Act – All Hail the Honeydogs

I've noticed my posts have been rather negatively opinionated lately, so I'm going to give a positive recommendation as a way of evening things out a little bit, karmically. So here goes: everyone should listen to the new Honeydogs CD coming out nationally in the next couple weeks. It's called 10,000 Years. They are local to Minneapolis (home town pride) and they had one moderate hit called "I Miss You" a few years back that was seriously one of the most grating, horrible songs to be played on the radio this side of Shawn Mullin's Lullaby. BUT, this new CD is quite incredible. It sounds as if the Beatles and Aimee Mann had a baby and then that baby made a Radiohead-esque OK-Computer-style concept album. If that made any sense to you, you should buy it. Anyway, it's the best CD I've bought so far this year. But skip over track 7. That track sucks.

Feels good being positive for once.

Oh, and just on a coincidental side note, my friend Furry and I found ourselves at a Honeydogs concert a couple years ago when she won tickets to one of those star-party concert thingees. I wasn't fond of the band at the time, so I don't remember the performance at all, but on our way out of the parking ramp after the concert, Furry and I witnessed the lead Honeydog getting in a car accident on the downward circular spiral exit ramp. As he wildly dialed 911 on his cell phone, Furry leaned her head out the window and shouted "Hey Honeydog! Great show!" He waved a confused acknowledgement of her praise and then I sped off as she cackled somewhat evilly. It was surreal.

And also, the Honeydogs are having a CD release party at First Ave with Michael Penn, who is coincidentally married to Aimee Mann and who is an interesting musician himself. You should go.

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