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Thursday, October 09, 2003 :::

The Devil Perverts Our Youth
One of my favorite websites,, reviews movies for obsessive parents, usually disregarding any larger lessons learned to instead focus on counting curse words and fart noises. Here is a list of objectional phrases and situations they have found while reviewing the current release School of Rock.

Phrases: "Suck" (written), "Idiot," "What's up, dog?" "Shut up," "Nuts" (crazy), "Funny little footnote on my epic ass," "Lard ass," "Crapola," "Miss dumbum," "This guy sucks," "I've got (something) up the butt," "Fat washed up loser," "Flake out," "Spazzy," "Sluts," "Pig rectum" (the proposed name for the band), "Losey Goosey," "Chicks" (women), "Shut the hell up," "Get out of here stupid ass," "You're a fat loser," "Step off," "You're the man" (said as a veiled insult), "Jerk," "Fuzz" (police), "Screwed up," "I suck," "You're an idiot," "That is so punk rock," "Kick (some) ass," "Chill out dude" and "Kick ass show."
• The film could inspire kids to want to be in a rock band or act like they are.
• Dewey tries to jump into the crowd at a concert. Nobody catches him, however, and he lands quite hard on the floor (but is otherwise okay).
• Various miscellaneous characters have tattoos on various parts of their bodies.
• Dewey holds up three fingers and tells his former band mates to read between the lines (which would equate him giving them "the finger."
• A miscellaneous woman wears a midriff-revealing top.
• The kids sneak out of school to get Dewey and go to the competition.

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