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Wednesday, October 02, 2002 :::

Jessica Lange: ‘I hate Bush’ [tee hee hee! - dan]

Add Jessica Lange [hometown pride! She's from Minnesota, ya know. - dan] to the growing list of celebs speaking out against George W. Bush’s policies. The star of “Tootsie” — receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Sebastian film festival in Madrid, Spain — declared that she “hates” the U.S. president and said his call for an attack on Iraq is “unconstitutional, immoral and illegal.”

“I HATE BUSH. I despise him and his entire administration — not only because of its international policy, but also the national,” Lange told the audience, according to various reports coming from Spain. “It makes me feel ashamed to come from the United States — it is humiliating.”

“Bush stole the elections and since then we have all been suffering the consequences,” Lange told the enthusiastic crowd.

Although Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have recently spoken out in support of Bush’s proposed attack on Iraq, Lange joins a growing list of stars who have questioned or condemned it, including Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin. [so Tom Cruise likes bush and Alec Baldwin doesn't? I would've thought the opposite was true. - dan]

And speaking of Streisand, here is an excerpt from the wordsmith's letter to democrats:

We should have one goal, and that's to win back the House, Senate and Presidency. Unless we win, we'll be consistently on the defensive with our fingers holding the dyke [sic] against the Republican revolution. We should draw attention to the differences in our parties, hold accountable those currently in power and make them pay for their actions on Election Day. This is not a time to be weak. Read the full text here.

She later made a statement apologizing for her poor grammar and spelling, citing that the proof she is not a bad speller comes from the fact that she is a former spelling bee champion. She truly is a jack of all trades. Fingers holding the dyke, indeed.

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