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Sunday, December 10, 2006 :::

The Fearless Photographer

Back in my mulletted days of the late 80's and early 90's, I had myself a little hair-band phase. So when an opportunity comes to relive those "glory days" and take in some arena rock by a little band called Guns n' Roses, you can bet I'll be there. And when I'm with my pushy and fearless friends T-Bone and Alicia, you can bet I'll get up nice and close, to boot:

It's a good thing I was a little tipsy, because cameras were banned at the event, and the extra booze gave me the false courage to take about a million pictures while standing just a few feet in front of the notoriously high-strung Axel Rose. Seriously, it must have looked like there was a strobe light going off in the audience right where I was standing. When I got home I was surprised to discover that I had taken over 180 pictures of the front man himself:

I had slyly snuck the camera into the venue (don't ask me how), but as the night wore on I became increasingly liberal with it. At the end of the evening there seemed to be more drunk people in the general admission holding area than in the actual arena, and I got this AWESOME video of two police men dragging a nearly-passed-out and naked-from-the-waist-down super fan into the security area. Of course by this time I wasn't exactly being discreet when I took the picture, so the guards chased me down and forced me to delete the video in front of them. I suppose I should be grateful that they didn't confiscate the camera altogether, but damn that was a good video. :(

Check out the pyro, dood:

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6 previous comments:

looks like someone's grabbin' Axle's package.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:11 AM  

And I thought Axl looked bad in the 80s....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:26 AM  

I would just die, and I don't really like Guns n' Roses much... Did they make a Dan sandwhich to get you up front?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:27 PM  

Funny that, even tho cameras are banned at that arean, 2 of your pics captured other people's cameras.

By Blogger Michelle, at 5:47 PM  

180 photos of Axl? I'm surprised your camera didn't try to ritually disembowel itself. And my, that's a very red...uhm...foamy thing he's got on the tip of his microphone.

By Anonymous Ryan, at 4:47 PM  

itīs the clown nose for the after-show party

By Anonymous Richard, at 9:35 AM  

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