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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 :::

Radiohead Scares Children.
Not that I would've thought any different, but kids don't like the best band in the whole wide world. Apparently they'd rather listen to 50 Cent. Kids are stupid. But if you force them to listen to Radiohead and give them a Sharpee pen, they draw some pretty sick shit.

Take a peek.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003 :::

Art is Totally Awesome
I'm not sure if post-modern irony is cool anymore or if we've moved onto something else, but I like this guy's paintings a lot regardless:

I think my favorites are 'The Anguish' and 'Waiting for Adventure'. And I would even consider buying 'Norton by Bird.'

He also has participated in an artistic tribute to Law & Order, which is equally enthralling, so enjoy:

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The Curse of the Miller 5.
Michelle Hummel asks me how come my family is not featured on this site:

The sad thing is, we would've fit right in.

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Sunday, September 07, 2003 :::

Went Camping the Weekend.
Had a good time. Still don't understand the allure of it, and I doubt I will ever really want to do it again without a cabin, but still enjoyed myself. Took pictures and everything.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003 :::

Wax Madness!
One of the down-sides of being a celebrity must be the inevitable embarassment of being immortalized in a hideously inaccurate wax sculpture. My friend Eric and I went to the radiohead concert last week and stopped for some Wendy's in Wisconsin Dells where we picked up a brochure for a local wax museum attraction. We found pleasure in the photos it contained. So I scanned them for you. I also took the initiative to find more photos of bad wax sculptures online. They are now compiled here. My favorite is either Michael J. Fox, or Seinfeld's Elaine. I just can't decide which.

Take a look.

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New Junk
There's new junk in my junk section. Take a look at my junk. *giggle*

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Getting canned, part III
Not that I'm dwelling on the past or anything, but while doing an innocent little search for Quikpages on google, I found this rather poignant recollection of the day of my dismissal, written by a former cubemate. It even refers to me as a good employee, although I'm pretty sure the author had other people in mind when he wrote that. Doesn't make it untrue, though.

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Making Ketchup is Too Hard
Here is a funny article about the most disgusting condiment known to man. From McSweeneys:

Click here to read it.

And this is even better.
Also from McSweeneys, here is a brilliant guide for adding flair to your small-talk.

Click here to read it.

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