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Friday, February 21, 2003 :::

Golf is Sexy
In the spirit of lame recycled jokes, I think this picture is funny as well. It's gone around in email circles for weeks now, but I still need to post it. It's just something I need to do.

That's quite an unfortunate angle.

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Tired of Jackson jokes yet?
We've all heard our fair share of Michael Jackson dangling baby jokes lately, and so I'm well aware that I'm probably pretty lame for posting this altered pic of the famous Beatles album cover, but I can't help it. It's funny.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003 :::

Freedom fries? Man are people lame.

Fast-food owner rejects French: They're 'freedom fries'

BEAUFORT, N.C. -- You can get fries with your burger at a restaurant here, but just don't ask for french fries.

Neal Rowland, the owner of Cubbie's, now only sells his fried potato strips as ``freedom fries'' - a decision that comes as Americans watch French officials back away from support for possible war in Iraq.

``Because of Cubbie's support for our troops, we no longer serve french fries. We now serve freedom fries,'' says a sign in the restaurant's window.

Rowland said his intent is not to slight the French people, but to take a patriotic stance to show his support for the United States and the actions of President Bush.

``It's our way of showing our patriotic pride,'' he said, noting that his business has a lot of local military troops as customers.

Rowland said the switch from french fries to freedom fries came to mind after a conversation about World War I when anti-German sentiment prompted Americans to rename German foods like sauerkraut and frankfurter to liberty cabbage and hot dog.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003 :::

If Sandy Duncan liked to talk freaky about what she did in her bedroom would that stop you from eatin' the Wheat Thins? I think not.
Why do people actually take Bill O'Reilly seriously? He's like Rush Limbaugh only even less informed and even more oblivious about his bias, which I didn't even think was possible. Apparently he called for a boycott of Pepsi because one of their commercials featured Ludacris, a rapper who has (uncharacteristically?) been known to use sexually suggestive lyrics on his CDs. So Pepsi, being the jello-spined wusses that they are, pulled the plug on the ad. Even though they've been known to use a barely clad Britney Spears, and of course the Osbornes, on recent ads. What disturbs me about this article is not that Bill O'Reilly and Pepsi are both hypocritical bigots, because really what's new and who cares, but that Bill O'Reilly has actually managed to convince even a small group of his idiot followers to not drink Pepsi due to the fact that Ludacris gets paid to drink it, too. "What? Ludacris talks dirty? We don't like them soda-drinkin' dirty talkers! And we vote!" There are many good reasons not to drink Pepsi, namely its swill-like flavor, but this is not one of them.

You can read about it if you want, but really I was just ranting.

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