Flat out busted.

I’ve gotten a little pushy at work, so even if a coworker’s Instant Messenger status says they are “busy” or “away”, I just IM them anyway. This is probably obnoxious, but sometimes I just got no time for petty delays. My work is too important! Today my unbridled ambition and reckless haste may have backfired on me, though:

Tina must have thought I was insane. Or in some sex chatroom. Stupid T and stupid Y are so stupidly close together on the stupid keyboard. Sorry, Tina.


  1. #1 by RLB on July 28, 2010 - 9:01 am

    Well, is she?

  2. #2 by Anonymous on July 30, 2010 - 5:08 am

    t and y may be stupid, well at least you got a chance for a free skillet quezo appetizer from chili’s.

  3. #3 by Noelle on August 12, 2010 - 10:36 am

    Zhazbot! I had completely forgotten about you when you switched blog hosts and went off-line. It was at that time that I discovered Pittsburgh blogger extraordinaire Pitt Girl (www.thatschurch.com). Didn’t intend to replace you entirely! Just spent my lunch getting all caught up.


  4. #4 by sara on August 13, 2010 - 1:05 pm

    hi dan if i dont mistake about your name sorry i come from another country so i dont speak english
    please dont laughf me i know that it is very …
    do you learn me english ?

  5. #5 by sarah on August 16, 2010 - 10:12 am

    DAN!!! Teach Sara english!

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