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I watch movies. On DVD, at the theater, via cable TV. Sometimes I want people to know what I think about the movies I watch, regardless of whether or not they care. I promise I will make my reviews short, but I won't be ashamed to throw around cliches like "beautiful cinematography" and "post-modern irony," so be warned.

Friday, May 26, 2006 :::

Mission Impossible III

Why I saw it: I was hoping JJ Abrams could bring something good to the series.

What I think about it: Nothing is ever going to change the fact that Tom Cruise is a smug toothy jackass that you just want to stab in the face. There is no film vehicle or role he could take that could change that at this point.
He has gone way past the point of no return. That being said, I was hoping I could suspend my exacerbated hatred for Tom Cruise and just escape with no hidden resentments into a thrill-ride action movie, but the problem is that I wanted that mini-charge to go off in Tom's head. I wanted him to be responsible for his fiance's slow and painful death. I wanted him to miss his target and fall, flailing, to the hard pavement below. Maybe the movie just wasn't good enough for me to see past Tom's sickening arrogance. There were only really a couple exciting scenes, after all: one on a bridge (which was overplayed in the trailers, anyway), and a semi-exciting climax that thankfully takes Tom OUT of the action. But the rest of the movie was pretty ho-hum and kind of rote in a "THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL" kind of way. Which is exactly how the last two Mission Impossible movies tried to spin it, so I guess I shouldn't have expected something new. I don't know... I was hoping for, and frankly required, more our of JJ Abrams. It's going to take the world's greatest publicist to make me like a Tom Cruise movie again, so it can't be all JJ's fault.

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Thanks You For Smoking

Why I saw it: Good reviews, interesting premise.

What I think about it: You'd have to be proudly amoral to be a lobbyist for the tobacco company. This movie explores the fictional mayhem and the motivations of such a person. It's funny, intriguing in concept, and solid in execution. It's a little too topical to be timeless, a little too esoteric to have a broader depth, and a little too cynical to really fall in love with. But the tone and focus are flawless. Much more can't be said about it.

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