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I buy a lot of CDs. And I live under the misconception that people care about my opinions. And I like to catalog things. Therefore I've decided to keep track of all the CDs I buy and what I think of them.

Sunday, June 11, 2006 :::

Under the Iron Sea by Keane

Why I bought it: I enjoyed one of the songs they featured on the Internet, and it was super cheap at Best Buy.

What I think about it: Keane is basically Cold-Play-lite, which itself is basically Diet-Radiohead. They write engaging pop songs that sound radio friendly enough to be enjoyed by all yet sincere enough to elevate them above your average barfy Train-style band. By this I mean you can finally listen to adult contemporary pap, guilt free! Seriously, though, there are some pretty catchy tunes here, even if the production is a bit bland and the sound gets repetitive after a while. A nice effort, though, and worthy of the deflated purchase price. In particular, Leaving So Soon is a good tune with a catchy chorus that veils some interestingly angry lyrics. It's definitely the album's highpoint, except for maybe the excellent cover design.

Song(s) worth a listen: Atlantic ; Nothing in My Way ; Leaving So Soon

Listen at amazon.

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Southern Manners by The Watson Twins

Why I bought it: Because I loved them on the Jenny Lewis CD.

What I think about it: This CD is a nice, countrified blend of slow ballad pop songs and gorgeous harmonies. It's inoffensive and easy-going, but never gets boring. The Watson Twins have enough charm to pull them through even the dreariest tunes, and their Nashville twang is an appreciated asset. I would have hoped for a few more upbeat tunes or some faster rhythms to show off their pop sensibilities, but there is nothing really to complain about here. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself and your mother a copy today.

Song(s) worth a listen: Friend and Foe ; Shoot the Lights Out ; What'll I Do

Listen at amazon.

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