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Monday, February 15, 2010 :::

Mystery Buzz

My friends and I like to have the occassional game night, so I have a linen closet full of party games and board games and a random puzzle or two. This closet is located directly next to my bathroom, and for the last month or so one of the games has been randomly buzzing an alarm and I can't figure out which one.

Generally, I'll hear it while I'm sitting on the toilet (sorry to make you picture that). I'll be doing my business when suddenly I'll hear a loud harsh honk/buzz, like I'm being judged for not completing my task fast enough. Time's up! It's very disconcerting and mildly offensive.

Other times I'll hear it while on a conference call, or randomly in the middle of the night, or opening a cabinet - as if I chose the wrong prize door on Let's Make a Deal. It's never constant, completely random, and I don't know what's setting if off, but it always seems to be judging me. It's like having my own soundtrack to life as I constantly attempt to beat the clock. I think it's raising my blood pressure.

The other day I stood in front of the closet and studied each game to try to remember which ones have buzzers and which ones have alarms and which ones are totally silent and non-judgmental and love me for who I am, but I can't for the life of me figure out the culprit. Maybe it's like the Tell-Tale Heart and I'm slowly going bonkers.

I suspect that I will have to take each individual game out of the closet this weekend to locate the mystery buzzer, but I'm beginning to think that it's the only thing keeping me on my toes these days, so it might be to my benefit to just let it be for a while.

The only real problem is that I just recently put my house up for sale and I've started having private showings and open houses, and I imagine a prospective buyer opening a closet only to be greeted with an alarming gameshow buzz, like I boobytrapped the house and they just got busted. Not very inviting. Not very inviting at all.

So which games have buzzers? The only one I can think of is Catchphrase, and I don't believe I own the electronic version of that...

I guess it's only a matter of time before the battery runs out. But what if it never does?

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5 previous comments:

Taboo has a terribly annoying buzzer...

By Anonymous Jess, at 12:52 PM  

dan, some purveyor of gamey-things has slipped you a malfunctioning "Operation", yo...

By Blogger Patent Absurdist, at 9:19 PM  

i think our scattergories game has a buzzer...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:13 AM  

my taboo was doing the same exact thing!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:58 PM  

You're not alone. Scattegories is always the culprit in our house.

By Blogger erinanderson86, at 10:24 PM  

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