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Friday, January 08, 2010 :::

Sheer Genius

My mom cut my hair until I was nearly 18, which means she has cut my hair for the majority of my life so far. From my curly blond baby locks all the way to the eventual and unfortunate side-spike/mullet combo. And not to knock my mom's haircutting ability in any way, but I kinda looked like a kid whose mom cut his hair.

Of course, I thought nothing of it at the time. I went to a catholic school and wore uniforms all day and didn't really care what I looked like until the 7th or 8th grade, which is around the same time that I adopted the daily routine of deodorant, and everything just snowballed from there. Now I get my haircut every four weeks to the day and I'm quite particular about it.

This is all making me sound like some grubby little runt of a kid, but I was actually the opposite. Except for the haircuts.

You see, my mother was not a trained stylist in anyway. She just had a husband, four kids, a pair of scissors, and a limited budget. Let me remind you of some of the results:

But that's not the worst of it. Apparently my dad was such a big Star Trek fan in his youth, that he always requested the angular "Spock" sideburns treatment at the barber. This continued into his adulthood and marriage, when my mom took over his haircutting duties and honed her techniques.

I don't think she ever actually realized that my father's haircut was Star Trek inspired. She just thought that's the way guys were doing it in those days. So due to her limited haircutting experience, that particular distinctive hairstyle was also transferred onto me by default.

Which means that when I wasn't running around looking like the hydrocephalic wolfchild pictured above, I was running around looking like this:

It's no wonder I am how I am today.

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holy crap does Kaci look like you!

I don't remember dad or you having Spock cuts... please post.

You are more OCD than me. You win!

By Blogger me, at 7:59 PM  

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