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Saturday, March 18, 2006 :::

Paddy Cakes

Last night was a strange convergence of a million different events all culminating into one huge explosion of drunken Irish debauchery. I've never actually gone out to an Irish bar on St. Paddy's day before, and since St. Paul is known for its Irish population and famous Irish pubs, we headed downtown pretty early and parked ourselves at McGovern's, an appropriately Irish-sounding place. There also happened to be some major hockey tournament at the neighboring arena, so the usual drunken St. Paddy's Day crowd collided with the usual drunken hockey tourney crowd and the resulting madness was captured on film by yours truly.

Plus it's my birthday weekend.

Me and T were good sports with the green-hued clothing.

We all clearly had a good time. Especially T:

Cans of beers were shotgunned. But not by me. Being 31 now, I'm far too old for those types of shenanigans. You can even see pictures of T confusingly trying to shotgun a shot. In fact, you can see all the pictures here.

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In shot 9416 T looks like he's trying out for the sequel to the brokeback movie. TOTALLY KIDDING. He's a doll. Happy Birthday weekend. Looks like a fun time. I have the honour of being the first to post a comment (had to happen sometime). Have a great bday.

By Blogger elizabeth, at 6:00 PM  

do you shave the back of your hand
it is strange how you have very hairy arms and it just stops
just wondering

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM  

I see a LOT of american beer being consumed on St. Patty's Day... that's just wrong.

Okay so what's up with the lime green velour track suit. Someone should have told her it would have been better to be pinched than seen in that thing. Wow, I'm mean. Maybe jealous she's dancing with T... I bet that's it...

By Blogger the other sarah, at 6:18 PM  

what's up with the pencil behind his ear? is it for takin' down numbahs? that's slick. fo' sho'.

By Blogger Honey Bunny, at 10:05 AM  

Happy Birthday Dan!!!!!!!

By Anonymous Daphne'sTwin, at 3:36 PM  

Happy Birthday Eve Dan the Man!!! Have you recovered from Friday? I bet I missed some really good hangover recovery Lifetime movies, damn it.
I had an ice cream cone and saw a baby whale today...but it just doesn't compare. Stupid Mexico!

By Blogger Kristina, at 5:18 PM  

The pencil was so we could shotgun beers.

Happy Birthday again Dan!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:25 PM  

It was fun meeting you guys...Thanks for the great budweiser beer, it was cold!!!!!!

By Anonymous Kimber, at 7:55 PM  

Dan - you're a hottie.

By Blogger Robert, at 8:02 PM  

Three things:

1. K-ROC (does Kevin have a nickname, cause that is what it chould be) and Christina are my new favorite people. They rock it hard!

2. Does it bother you that full-grown adult males feel the need to carry you like a toddler? What is up with that?

3. Lampert looks like he totally wants to do you in every picture. Sheesh, I thought he already had a girlfriend?

By Blogger brent, at 9:23 PM  

Dan, as much as I love you, your friend in the green sweater is the sexiets man I have ever seen. Who is he? Is he interrested in relocating to Philadelphia?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 AM  

I find the pictures of Trevor carrying you kinda disturbing...

By Anonymous Richard, at 7:44 AM  

I am so getting a Don't sweat the petty ~ pet the sweaty t-shirt for my husband!

By Anonymous Catalpa, at 10:28 AM  

Pic 9433 is my absolute favorite. T always looks like he's always screaming. What a fun guy. Or decide. I like you guys.

Have you found him a woman yet? Doesn't seem like it would be too hard.

By Blogger rae, at 11:43 AM  

I too, noticed the American beer - worse, LITE American beer (from a Canadian perspective, I've never quite understood that oxymoron - light and American beer. Perhaps that is why you're able to consume 424 in an evening via shogun or funnel. (shaking head in disgust as I type).

Should have been at MY party Friday night (hubby's 40th no less, too). No LAWN-MOWER-LAGERS nor TRAINING-BEERS to be seen at our house. Guinness on tap and a fridge o'plenty of Kilkenny, Harp, and Caffery's. tsk, tsk on you Dan. We have a saying up here, "Friends don't let friends drink Coors Lite."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:01 PM  

Awesome words to live by anonymous. Wait til they bust out the Leinenkugels, then we're all in trouble. Unless it's berry weiss, only then its okay.

I think these guys are just trying to keep their girlish figures.

By Blogger the other sarah, at 3:13 PM  

So everyone has problems with the choice of beer but nobody cares about the pizza?!

I'm in the market for a life right now.

By Blogger Elle Marie, at 4:39 PM  

Coors lite rules, bitches!

Kidding, but I'm an old man now and heavy or dark beers kinda give me heartburn, for serious. Plus, we were kinda beyond the point of actually tasting the alcohol.

Plus, I gotta watch my gut, you know?

By Blogger dan, at 6:48 PM  

Oh and I do not shave my hands, thanks for asking.

By Blogger dan, at 6:48 PM  

Dan, boy you really have come out of the closet, even if it was part of a drunken orge. I can't believe you actually posted a picture of you having sex with another guy in public (IMG_9389.jpg). Now that you have outed, maybe you can also find the courage to admit you have a drinking problem and seek help.

By Anonymous The AA Guy Everyone Loves to Hate, at 4:24 AM  

I've always been more of a beerbong fan myself.

How, exactly, do you shotgun a beer?

By Anonymous danfan, at 9:24 AM  

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

By Blogger Nate Dogg, at 9:32 AM  


Sometime, you should create one of your fun photo albums to showcase just pictures of t-bone.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:33 AM  

I think "The AA Guy" keeps making comments like that because he secretly wants to toss your salad!

By Blogger Nate Dogg, at 9:33 AM  

I believe Dan already has a T-Bone photo album, it's called "Dan's Pics"... seriously he's in like every picture. Not that I wouldn't do it too mind you...

cough*randomhotness*ahem... what, who said that?

By Blogger the other sarah, at 12:31 PM  

T-Bone should get down on his drunken knees and thank the baby Jesus that the adorable Dan is his friend and makes him seem so special on his blog. T ain't that great...course he does have an enormous tongue.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:20 PM  

Funny..... in Bama we sold and consumed a ton of Heinekin (spelling?) I think it was because of the green bottle.

I always wondered about hairy arms and legs... why does the hair growth stop at wrists and ankles?

By Anonymous sweets-n-scotch, at 12:23 PM  

BTW... that tongue, T-bone! If you had a girlfriend, You would smother her with that tongue in her mouth!

By Anonymous sweets-n-scotch, at 12:28 PM  

It's so obvious Dan and T are lovers. Alcholic gay lovers.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:16 AM  

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