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Thursday, October 07, 2004 :::


Not that anyone would ever know if I didn't spill the beans myself, but my underwear doesn't match my outfit today. I don't normally put much thought into matching my outfit to my underwear, but today the color clash is so bad that I get embarassed for myself every time I go to the bathroom. That really didn't come out the way I meant it to. Anyway, my Fruit of the Looms are red with an orangey hue, and my shirt is blue with a turquoisey hue.

See what I mean? Bad. It's hurts my head just to think about it. I feel like I should spend my lunchbreak picking up some plain old whities from Target, but changing your underwear midday in a bathroom stall because you think they might clash with your shirt seems a little over the top to me.

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It is not that they don't match,It is just that I can't imagine you going for a southwestern theme and that is the feel I get from these two colors combined.I personally think it says way more about a person if their underwear matches,waaaay to high maint.for me to hang out with considering I have had pink earrings in from this weekend and pink is really not a staple color in my wardrobe...I can't pull off cute pink,I come off looking like a happy,wholesome fat lady who's favorite brand is honors,loves campbell's soup for lunch and wears really musky perfume.

By Blogger Stacy, at 2:07 PM  

I usually just try for the neutral grays and whites when it comes to undies, but I have a few exotic colors mixed in there, too, because they always throw in a blue or a red when you buy the Hanes multi-packs.

I can't see you with pink earrings. I only know you as a big silver hoops left all over town kind of girl. I still find your earrings in wierd places.

By Blogger dan, at 3:21 PM  

Dan is Mr. Southwestern- taco night once a week for his entire adult life. I think today's pairing was a subconcious manifestation of his love of the SW.

By Blogger hot babe, at 4:56 PM  

I know women who cannot function unless their underwear match their outfits. The whole ensemble must "work" or they cannot. So, get anything done today?

By Blogger Colleen, at 8:14 PM  

My briefs always match the white tees and sometime even the outfit.

By Blogger ceclipse26, at 9:15 AM  

It was just an off day for me. It will never happen again.

By Blogger dan, at 1:20 PM  

As long as they are clean, that's all that matters. ; )

By Blogger SeattleCityGirl, at 1:29 PM  

I agree...yay! clean underware!

By Blogger amy leigh, at 2:45 PM  

Well, I'll have to remember that for next time.

By Blogger dan, at 10:37 PM  

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