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Saturday, September 11, 2004 :::

Gore + Chic = Tre Chic

Synthetic human skin bags, accessories, and clothing items. The French sure do know fashion. Visit to order yours today:

Vest and carry-all.

Goiter fanny pack?

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How very silence of the lambs...... "she puts the lotion in the can or else she gets the hose again".

By Blogger kirby, at 9:05 PM  

Thats discusting. Reminds me of leatherface in the texas chainsawe massacare, ya know how he would wear other peoples skin as his own. Freaky. And how do you know its not real human skin. You never know where thats been.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:20 AM  

You don't know how right you are.

By Blogger dan, at 1:10 AM  

My skin has been to Hawaii a couple of times...but never anywhere to make it that leathery.

By Blogger Kristina, at 2:46 AM  

That is absolutely disgusting.

Found your link on your "Senior Picture Album" thing...just wanted to tell you how hilarious it was. =)

(Sorry if you don't like random visitors, by the way)

By Blogger Brooke, at 2:58 AM  

Are you kidding!Dan's all about random visitors.

By Blogger Stacy, at 7:46 AM  

oh, cute I was looking for a bag that resembled a roll of fat.

By Blogger Stacy, at 7:55 AM  


By Blogger Trekgeekscott, at 7:37 AM  

Good Lord...


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:47 AM  

do they happen to have those for areas below the waist, i would use it for my man ya know.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  

I going to try to pretend that I have no idea what you mean.

By Blogger dan, at 2:32 PM  

i just created a blog to comment on your page. this is the most hillarious thing ive ever seen. my roomate is actually getting annoyed by my laughter. also - the senior pic thing is awesome.

By Blogger lauren, at 9:11 PM  

You only "deal" with Dan within the safe confinement of planetdan. You need to know that stroking his ego only makes him unbearable for those of us that deal with him in the real world. Please be less adoring of Dan for the sake of those of us that have taken on the task of being his day to day friends.

Thanks ever so much.

By Blogger hot babe, at 5:10 PM  

I second that emotion

By Blogger Stacy, at 6:48 PM  

Lauren - do not listen to the rants of Ms. hot babe and Stacy, they are simply jealous of the absorbtion given to Dan of PlanetDan. To both of you I say thbbbbbbbbbbbbbb..... I spit on you! Hello everyone! I AM BACK! All you other fake annonymous posters, BE GONE!

How have you been, Dan, my most favorite of all blogger hosts?

By the way, I think these skin bags are the real thing....seen 'em. Ghastly.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 PM  

Hot Babe lifts her leg and marks her territory.

By Blogger dan, at 11:33 PM  

Oh, and welcome back, "original" anonymous commentor.

By Blogger dan, at 11:34 PM  

Welcome back orig Anonymous. Where have you been during your hiatus? Kicking puppies & stealing candy from babies?

By Blogger hot babe, at 10:22 AM  

Wow, you sure are full of undue animosity, hot babe, just because someone likes dan. Me thinks you might have a crushy crush on him. You may as well be pulling on his pigtails, it's so obvious.

- sarah

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:14 AM  

Oh my dear hot babe, I know you’re trying to insult me, but you are akin to me for I can see your end wagging. Kisses darling.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:39 PM  

Wow - Flesh Attire AND a Jerry Springer-like atmosphere in one?? Pretty sure I'll be seeing a Flesh Shoe fly across the screen at any moment. "JER-RY! JER-RY! JER-RY!!" By the way -- the Flesh Attire is the first image that's made me gag since the only episode of "Fear Factor" that I've ever seen. Thanks.

By Blogger Kiddo78, at 1:33 PM  

Oh good lord. That is the most disgusting thing I've seen.

Thanks for the laughs on Seniors Rule. I came over from I'll be sending that on to a few friends...

I'm hoping you have an RSS feed. I love your blog!

By Blogger Eliot, at 12:01 AM  

The strap on that change purse definitely looks like bacon.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:30 PM  

That Phanny Pack looks like Mr.Burns heart =\

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:43 PM  

That is freakin' awesome, I would want a custom trench coat made from that material.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:31 PM  

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