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Nostalgic for Nostalgia

I was watching TV last weekend when I came across a rerun of “I Love the 80′s” on VH1. That odd thing is that those nostalgia shows originally aired like 15 years ago and watching them again is like a blast from the past, so I realized I was having nostalgia about the nostalgia shows.

I watched multiple episodes in a row, not to reminisce about the 80′s, but rather to reminisce about the cast of comedians and commenters as they reminisced about the 80′s back in the 90′s. I know it sounds complicated, but it was fascinating to watch the various has-been commenters (who were at the time probably very “now”) tell lame jokes and make unfunny references to random things that were apparently popular and current in the 90′s but now seem as old hat as AOL.

They need a new show, called “I Love ‘I Love the 80s’” where they bring in NEW commentators to comment on the OLD commentators, talking about how lame their hairdos were and making various “where are they now?” jokes. Of course, these new commenters and their jokes would only be relevant for about five years and then it would inevitably become old and lame until the cycle began again and they brought in even NEWER commentators to comment on the formerly new commentators as they commented on the OLD commentators who were commenting about the 80′s. And this could happen ad infinitum forever and ever amen until VH1 was just a big babbling meta channel of talking heads and criss-crossing comments on a 24-hours-a-day program called “I Love ‘I Love ‘I Love ‘I Love ‘I Love the 80′s Strikes Back”””.

At a certain point, it might get too complicated to understand who’s commenting about what, though, with commenters commenting about commenters commenting about commenters. Like watching Inception and never being able to figure out whose dream you are in.

In five years, that Inception reference is going to seem so 2010.

And speaking about the 80′s, they were awesome:

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