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Once more, for old time’s sake.

I get a ton of requests to alter the Falling Georgie screensaver to feature a variety of different people. Usually random people’s bosses, parents, local politicians, or other unloved individuals. Apparently people can achieve a certain sense of stress release by throwing around some jackass they might not otherwise have control over.

I have been known to oblige these requests on occasion if it’s a global figure that I actually recognize, with the exception of a few psychotic despots who might hunt me down in retaliation or something. I’m not going to make a screensaver featuring some Mexican drug warlord, or Kim Jung Il, for instance.

But the other day I got my first non-politician request that I ever actually considered: the CEO of BP. So I went ahead and did it, mostly just for the fun of slopping oil all over the BP logo:

Have fun.



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