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I was talking with my friend the other day about Alan Thicke, and she remarked he doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. Some people might think it’s abnormal to still be talking about Alan Thicke in 2010. Some people might think it’s even stranger to have enough interest to google-image-search Alan Thicke to see if he has indeed aged well. And then blog about it. To hell with all those people.

But even though I am clearly very open and accepting of people who have an abnormal marked interest in Alan Thicke, I was still very surprised to find this image, of what must have been the LEAST SELLINGEST ISSUE OF PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE, EVER.

Playgirl Coverboy Alan Thicke? And a little Mick Jagger to boot? Even in the 80′s this couldn’t have been a good idea. Half off, indeed.

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