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C-Minus (the artist formally known as K-Mack) recently had a baby and she’s coming along just fine. I like her lots, in spite of the fact that she seems completely disinterested in her uncle Dan:

You wouldn’t think it, but babies are a tough audience. Maybe I just need to buy her more presents to gain her favor. I’m thinking this is a super cute shirt that everyone will enjoy:

Here’s a bonus creepy pic:

You might think that C-Minus’ house is dirty and dusty when you look at the beam of light coming through that window. I know I did. But she assured me, “No, that’s just bacon grease.” So no worries.


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Long Overdue

K-Mack, otherwise known as C-Minus, otherwise known as Krissy-B is super-preggers and officially past her due date. So to ease her and her husband’s nervous anticipation and to reward their impatience, I have generously photoshopped what their offspring will most certainly look like. It didn’t even take much imagination, just a few collaged photos and a little trick I learned from the late great Conan O’Brien’s “If They Made It” segments. Even though we do know for a fact that at some point, presumably around nine months ago, they did indeed make it. So with the magic of the internet, I present to you the not-yet-born baby K-mack/Kroggy.

As another gracious gesture of generosity, I’ve also taken the liberty of updating for use as their personalized online birth announcement for when the actual blessed day arrives:

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Animated Friday (Babies R Us Edition)!

C-Minus is totally super pregnant these days, so there’s a lot of talk about having babies and changing bodies and amniotic sacs. It’s grody to the max. She’ll be mid-sentence and she’ll suddenly stop talking and sit up straight. Her eyes will go wide and she’ll ominously say something like, “it’s moving,”  sending a shiver down my spine. I get slightly nauseated at the disgusting thought of the bone, flesh, and hair soup she’s got floating around in her abdomen. Apparently some people think it’s a beautiful miracle to willingly host a parasite inside of you like that, but I’m thoroughly revolted every time I think about it.

Still, the end result is generally pretty cute, so here are some related animated GIFs to give C-Minus something to look forward to, and to keep her mind off of the mutating, thrashing alien growing inside her. 

Babies are cute.

Babies are cute.

Babies are cute.

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