Your Daddy Likes Big Butts,
and He Can Not Lie

I was fortunate to get this email with some helpful suggestions for Father’s Day gifts:

Big Juicy Butts for Dad

Even if one might suspect that one’s dad might be in to this sort of thing, it must be a very special relationship if one feels that it’s appropriate to buy The Big Butt Book for their papa. But far be it from me to judge. Go ahead and indulge your father’s naughty side, if you can do it without shuddering.

They also offer The Big Breasts Book and The Big Penis Book, so really, they have the catalog to cover all of your father’s fetishes. Thank you, Taschen!

On a related note:

Ass Nachos

Wait, whose ass? I need more details because this may or may not be a great offer, depending. I know for a fact that a proper nacho plate is typically larger than my own ass. But what if I were one of the girls featured in the book mentioned above? There would be nacho shortages for sure. So, although it may sound like a sweet deal, I’m going to have to dig into it a little further I think.

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