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Awesome Sauce

SO, I’ve received a few comments about how planetdan has been puttering out, and it’s obviously a little true. Mostly, I’ve kinda started to question the purpose of planetdan. Not in an existential way, but more in a practical/content-driven way. I like to communicate and tell stories, and I like to make new friends online through my blog, but as the internet has evolved over the last nine years, I feel like I’ve kinda lost focus.

Planetdan was started as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends and to share fun stuff I found online. Then I started to create some original content and eventually I made some new friends, and in the meantime planetdan became a big disorganized hodge-podge of anything and everything.

But the internet has millions of blogs by billions of people and I don’t feel it’s necessary to post random stuff anymore. There are plenty of blogs out there that do that better and more often than I ever could. Plus, my own personal life hasn’t been very exciting lately, so I couldn’t mine that for new material either. I wanted to think of more original content to post but it was tough without a focus to reign in any ideas.

Retiring planetdan was never an option, but I decided I wanted to go a new route: evolve and diversify. And so while some of you think I’ve been blogging less, I’ve actually been blogging more than ever over at a new site with a new focus and an actual declared purpose:

It's pronounced AWESOME SAUCE.

It’s a simple concept. I was tired of pessimistic malcontents complaining about how humanity is doomed and how everything sucks when there are clearly a million awesome things out there that can make you stupidly happy if you just take the time to view them from all angles. So I decided I would think of one awesome person, place, thing, or concept every day and write an essay about why I think everyone should appreciate it. Sometimes I purposefully choose things that are decidedly not awesome just to act as the devil’s advocate. This means that the perspective can get a tad snarky or skewed, but basically, you can put a positive spin on anything if you just look at it right. People can even submit ideas for what they think should be featured as awesome or under-appreciated or decidedly not awesome, and maybe I will spin it for you. It’s almost a challenge: is there anything that can’t be spun in a positive light? Probably, but I certainly won’t admit defeat so easily.

I suppose the theme of the site is: unless you are living under a bridge or breathing your last breath, then you need to quit your bitchin’, because things are way more awesome than you are giving them credit for, and eventually things always get better, even if they get worse first. Plus I also get to promote bands and movies and books that I like. Cuz I’m an expert at having opinions.

I’ve had to scale back my ambitions a tad, though. Posting daily was far too time consuming. But I’ve been doing pretty good, posting at least every other day or so. And with each post, the site’s purpose gets more refined.

So planetdan will revert to its original purpose, which is to inform friends, family, and random internet acquaintances about what I’ve been up to lately or what fiasco has transpired at the gym. But obviously it won’t get updated that often because I’m just not very interesting these days.

I may also spin off another site devoted more to random original content I might feel impelled to create, like my old Senior Pics site and the like. But I don’t want to think about that endeavor right now.

So please visit and get OSMified.

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