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Animated Friday (Xmas Gif Edition)!

I haven’t had an Animated Friday in a long time, simply because they have begun to lose their allure. There are a ton of sites devoted to animated GIFs out there, so what’s the point of me posting them anymore? But then I came across this site, which renews my love of Animated GIFs by literally repackaging them for xmas:

So, go ahead and open your Christmas GIF.

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Animated Friday (Corgi-Flop Edition)!

Happy-time file make danny happy. So happy, in fact, that I will post it directly on the front page and not even worry about the bandwidth issues of loading a 2MB file every time somebody accesses this page:

Seriously, I could watch that all day. And I know it’s actually Thursday, but I just couldn’t wait.

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Animated Friday (Dogs are Heartless Edition)!

People think that dogs are all sweet and kind and loving and man’s best friend and all that, but they are just as heartless and self-serving as humans:





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Animated Friday (May All Your Wildest Dreams Come True Edition)!

I just had to post this because it just makes me so damned happy:

Happy summer! Happy Friday! Happy 2010! Happy Happy Happy!

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Animated Friday (Typing Test Edition)!

If you describe this animated GIF, you will get a good lesson in typing as it will guide your fingers through ever single letter of the alphabet:

My dad made me take a typing class in high school , which now sounds really strange. Who doesn’t know how to type? All I really remember about the class is the ginormous mechanical typewriters and that all of our practice correspondence letters were signed off: Cordially, Dee.

I don’t know who Dee is or why she wrote so many letters for us to transcribe, but now I can type that phrase really fast.

Cordially, Dee Cordially, Dee. Cordially, Dee. Cordially, Dee. Cordially, Dee. Cordially, Dee.

See, that took me like 5 seconds.

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Animated Friday (Stink-Eye Edition)!

So much can be said with so few words…

…by the damned dirty apes…

…or by the damned dirty humans.


Animated Friday (Babies R Us Edition)!

C-Minus is totally super pregnant these days, so there’s a lot of talk about having babies and changing bodies and amniotic sacs. It’s grody to the max. She’ll be mid-sentence and she’ll suddenly stop talking and sit up straight. Her eyes will go wide and she’ll ominously say something like, “it’s moving,”  sending a shiver down my spine. I get slightly nauseated at the disgusting thought of the bone, flesh, and hair soup she’s got floating around in her abdomen. Apparently some people think it’s a beautiful miracle to willingly host a parasite inside of you like that, but I’m thoroughly revolted every time I think about it.

Still, the end result is generally pretty cute, so here are some related animated GIFs to give C-Minus something to look forward to, and to keep her mind off of the mutating, thrashing alien growing inside her. 

Babies are cute.

Babies are cute.

Babies are cute.

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Animated Friday (Fear Itself Edition)!

New life lessons on the new and improved planetdan:

Lesson 1: Live Without Fear

Lesson 2: Never Say Die

Lesson 3: If You’re Gonna Fail, Fail Hard.

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