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Climb Every Mountain

Today I climbed a mountain to soak in the spectacular view of Lyttelton.

I think I’m in trouble. We’ve planned a lot of “easy” walks (or “tramps” as they call them here) to enjoy the scenery and experience all that New Zealand has to offer. This trek to the top of the Port Hills was an “easy” walk, and it kicked my ass. Hard. Is there a difficulty level above “easy”?



Krazy Kool Kiwi Art

We took in a lot of Kiwi Kulture today. I liked this cool, floaty thingamabooby:

It’s a lot less “Lord of the Rings” here than I was imagining, but their accents still throw certain people for a loop. My travel companion got confused when I selected what he thought we were told was “Camouflage” ice cream, when in fact it was Caramel Fudge. And it was nummy.



Kiwi Juice

When in Rome.

Kiwi juice smells like dirt, tastes too sweet, and looks like sewage. I wouldn’t recommend it.


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Bidness Class, Bitches.

Ain’t nothing like laying down flat to sleep on a 15 hour flight.


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